Hayden Hall is undoubtedly the best freshman dorm at New York University. The rooms ending in 19 are the best rooms, both for their space and their view. Situated on Washington Square West, its location is a sub-five minute walk away from NYU's Silver Center (the main academic building), as well as most other academic locales. In addition, the rooms are quite comfortable, and the building is generally social. Don't buy all the nonsense people spout about Weinstein being the most social dorm. If my clothes were uglier than yours, I'd tell you that they were more comfortable. Comprende?
Hayden Residence Hall
You know you love it.
Oval toilet seat. Guys know why they're better.
Another shot of the very spacious **19B room.
View out of my window. Remember, go for **19B.
Matches are better and cheaper than Febreze.
Just an awesome phone. Completely irrelevant.
View at night.
Oh yeah.
Full window view at dusk. So hot.
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