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just because it didn't happen
doesn't mean it isn't true

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  • Why Rabbis wear sneakers on their holiest day
    . Alternate version: Published 2002, archived

    Hebrew version: הקבלה בין איסורי יום הכיפורים לבין גירוש האדם מגן עדן
  • Biblical commentary (Hebrew): Redirecting to Hidush website: material by אבי רבינוביץ

    Original material, so Caveat Emptor! (eg: I hope I get 'put in cherem' [excommunicated] for this so that the material will be widely-read)


    • The Taliban and the Bible Codes or My Trip to Pakistan:
      Jacques Cousteau and Islamic Fundamentalism - Codes of Bnei Yishmael

    • Earth is NOT Flat : Which Direction to Pray (Daven)? (Did anyone ever ask at the Western Wall : "which way is East"? )

    • [My cartoon: someone at Kotel asking: which way is Mizrach? [luckily it is the Kotel Ma'aravi!])

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