Resources for Performing Arts Educators:
Teaching Literacy Through Music Education

Songs For Teaching
This is a very comprehensive site. I like it beacuse provides many song suggestions to teach different subjects. This site contains various lyrics, sound clips, and teaching suggestions.
Music and Literacy Development Articles
An assortment of articles taken from MENC state music educators association journals from state MEA magazines that highlight ways in which music students develop their literacy skills when they engage in such activities as reading song texts or writing about music. In addition, these articles discuss the connections between music and other subjects.

Kindergarten Music Play - Music & Literacy

The Kindergarten Musicplay program has been written to be a complete cross-curricular approach to teaching music and to teaching other subject areas through music.


NWREL- More Music Please: Connections for the Heart, Soul, Brain, and Senses!
This site contains a lot of useful music resources for teaching, as well as links to web sites concerning music and literacy development.

Gregg Lawless' Literacy Through Music Program
Gregg Lawless is a Canadian independent musician and songwriter whose project is to promote the links between music and literacy.

ESL Through Music

"Excellent web site created and maintained by Dr. Suzanne Medina, Professor of Graduate Education, California State University. Here teachers are provided with the tools which they need in order to foster the acquisition of English through music. Therefore, in this site, teachers will find the following:
Teacher-made and tested lesson plans
Materials such as books, videos, and tapes/CDs which have been helpful to other educators as they use music for second language instructional purposes
Articles supporting the use of music in the ESL classroom."

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