Irish Traditional Music Sessions in NYC

Traditional Irish Music Sessions in Manhattan

      ...yes they are.

Note, 6.08: This list is limited to Manhattan. There are a good number of easily accessible sessions in the boroughs that are not listed.

Day Pub Location Time Amplified Musicians Notes

RIP Mona's. Session no more.
The Landmark Tavern 626 11th Ave (at 46th Street) 8 pm No Don Meade (banjo & other stuff) Haven't been to this one yet. Started in fall of 2006; reports are good. 11th ave just seems like another planet. :)
Tuesday Swift W4th St. between Broadway & Bowery 9pm Yes Varies; Dana Lyn (fiddle), Eamon O'Leary (guitar) Loud pub, bright, often crowded, somewhat edible food.

Trinity Pub 84th between 2nd and 3rd 9-12pm Table mic Caitlin Warbelow (fiddle) & assorted others New as of fall 2009. Caitlin's notes: "I host it and two other people join me each week. There used to be a session at Trinity in the 90's, run by Patrick Ourceau and some other dudes, and the session takes place in this awesome nook in the back that makes you sound like you're inside your own personal music box. "
Thursday Paddy Reilly's SW corner of 29th & 2nd Ave 10pm ish Yes Tony DeMarco (fiddle) Often starts closer to 10:30. Only Guinness on tap. Longest running session in Manhattan.
Friday Nuthin', as far as I know.

St. Andrews 140 W. 46th Street 9pm Yes Musicians vary After many years, St. Andrews moved locations to somewhere distinctively less distinctive and cute and such. Still have 195 varieties of Scotch and absolutely amazing sticky toffee pudding, but it's just not the same.
O'Neill's 3rd Ave b/w 45th & 46th 9:30pm Yes Musicians vary Fun, food served, but the bar is usually pretty crowded until 11pm, sometimes later.


aka "Night of many options"
Pig & Whistle 2nd Ave b/w 50th & 51st (?) (?) (?) Details again.
O'Neill's 3rd Ave b/w 45th & 46th 8pm(?) No Johnny Cuomo (guitar), Dan Lowery (flute), others vary Calm, bright, relaxed, best strawberry rhubarb pie anywhere.
The 11th Street 11th right past Ave. A 9:30pm No Tony DeMarco (fiddle) No sign out front; dark, tends to be quieter and calmer, and then sometimes its absolutely packed (kind of like late night NY traffic). Long-standing session, good music.
The Brass Monkey 55 Little West 12th Street between Washington Street and 10th Avenue 5-8pm Table mic Eamon O'Leary (guitar & banjo) Also new as of fall 2006. Cute pub, way far west. Child friendly is an understatement. Good food, but exorbitantly priced (think $8 french fries). 9/09-- I think this one is still going, right?

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this list updated 12.09. Big thanks to Caitlin for help with the details.