Bria Dunham, PhD, MPH, CPH


I am an Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Global Health at Mercer University in Macon, GA. As a researcher, I am a biocultural anthropologist who works at the intersection of evolutionary anthropology and global public health. My research addresses courtship, pregnancy, and parenting behaviors from social and evolutionary perspectives.

My Ph.D. in Anthropology was conferred in 2010 by Rutgers University, where I studied with Dr. Lee Cronk within the Evolution, Culture, and Behavior track. My dissertation focused on the application of signaling theory to contemporary human courtship in three related projects. To bridge my anthropological background with my interests in health from population-level and cross-cultural perspectives, I completed an MPH in Global Health Leadership at New York University, where I focused on social epidemiology and maternal–child health.


About Bria