Software Page of Bryan S. Graham

This page includes links to source code, example data files and documentation for `general purpose' software based on my research. Please feel free to contact me with any information on bugs etc. Do be aware that I am unable to provide meaningful support for the software below. If you do use the code in your own work I ask that you cite the relevant source article(s) and acknowledge the code use.

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IPT estimation of Average Treatment Effects
Source article: Inverse probability tilting for moment condition models with missing data Review of Economic Studies (forthcoming) (w/ Cristine Pinto and Daniel Egel)
Stata Journal submission describing software
Stata ado file (iptATE.ado)
Stata sthlp file (iptATE.sthlp) (online help)
Example do file (
Example dataset used by above do file (RPSPolicyEvalData.dta)