Back From The Dead Lyrics

The men the mission the atomic bomb
The men the mission all life is gone
The men the mission the atomic bomb
No plants no food no life at all

All these people really scared
Fine old men with fine grey hair
Waiting for the final attack
Millions of dead on their back

The last bomb has been dropped
And ended war that wasn't fought
Total destruction all around
Mud and shit is all that's found

A big hole in this big earth
No plants of trees with rebirth
Millions of homes devastated
With a war everyone hated

Why do pigs bother us
Who cares what we look like
Who makes the fuss
Making us move along all the time
Even though we've committed no crime

Descend on youth
You know it's the truth
Confinement on the street
The system can't be beat

They raid the clubs and give us fines
They're out there to control your minds
A violent arrest of every kind
While prisoners wait and stand in line


An insane man never dies
He carries on to live in your life
You hear the laughter in a room
His soul to see your doom

Dark places

Behind locked bedroom doors
Four corpses line the floor
Two more have been killed
All becase of one man's will

Dark places

If a nuclear war has come your way
When snow starts falling it puts a chill in day
Temperature's down and you're cold through and through
Put the freeze on before it freezes you

Nuclear winter

Don't you think it's worth it to protest
Isn't it better than freezing to death?
Trying to keep warm it can't be done
Why does snow have to ruin your fun

or Die

No one knows how long they've got
For tomorrow you could be shot
You can't perceive or become aware
For all you know your heart could fail

If you're a guy with bad luck
You watch out for that big truck
Who knows you could have a stroke
You'll never know when you croak

When you're gonna die
Nobody knows
Don't lie down
Or you could go
Get stabbed in the back
Or shot in the head
Better watch yourself
Or you'll be dead

What's government been doing here
What's the problem what's the fear
So what's the complication
This is only my vacation

And so we believe
That anarchy
Is freedom from society

Stop complaining
Don't you know
We still got a fight to go

Silos open now they'll pay
If you don't liike it turn away
If that's the way you want to be
Be prepared for world war 3


Night stalker
When darkness hits you become aware
Night stalker
When you're not looking he'll be there
Night stalker
He'll be hiding in your room
Night stalker
It'll be your doom

Has the power at hand
Got killers across the land
Seeking sweet revenge
Enough to make you cringe

Night stalker (x2)

Demented as can be, a dangerous life he leads
Killing everywhere, death without dispair

(All the) people in defense of their lives
Families, homes have organized
A defense system to make screw
Or amy death squads will massacre you
Confined in a world of their own
Working fingers to the bone
Small wages is what they get
Starvation will get you yet

Nobody wants to face
The world that you create
The only thing certain in life
Is that of your own fate

There's no army no police
All those people on their knees
Coca cola doing well
Another person justice's failed
Inc reasing concentration
On multi-national corporation
No person shall heed
Another dead civilian is what they need

See the necrology is it fair
Green berets make sure you're there
Necropolis at its best
They'll make sure that's where you rest

These ghouls of a different kind
Make sure they're out to blow your mind
Torture you
Rape you
Burn you too
Army death squads will massacre you

I know what's goin' on
People tellin' me that I'm wrong
I know what I'm doin'
It's up to my choosin'

You really piss me off
But I don't give a shit man
'Cause I'm gonna shut you up

I know what's goin' on
People tryin' to write me off
I know what I'm don'
So now you're only proven

I know what's goin' on
Showin' people that they're wrong
I know what I'm doin'
So now I think I've proven

Situation all fucked up
All fucked up
All fucked up from situations now

We need a president re-election
The one we got is shit
Any government wants
Is anything government gets
Situation's going bad
Life is such a boring waste
Grow up to be religious
Don't wanna be told what to do

Life is boring
(All fucked up)
Nothing to do
(All fucked up)
Girls are
(All fucked up)
Right now

Don't wann see no more churches
Don't wanna see no more schools
Don't wanna be against the wall
Don't wanna be told what to do

Your heart still pumping like a clock
You're not
Your feet start tapping on the floor
No more

In a tranced stage you want some more
ou come alive to do your chore
Feet start jumping on the floor
You never stopped to anticipate it

Mesmerized you cannot state it

You can't slow now you're in the air
Hit the ground now anything's fair
Everyone begins to bop
No one ever liked it when you heard the pounding stop

Next song starts you're going crazy

You're leaving the floor you're awful dazy
When you're in your can't be hasty
The song's coming to an end
Stage dove on your head

You're dead

Three o'clock high noon of demonic day
Unwilling civtims get blown away
A suicidal sense of worthiness
Hate, rage, despair and drunkeness

During the
Psychic hours (repeat)

If you can't control yourself someone else will
An inhuman spirit with a mind to kill
You can't move, you can't scream
Manifestation wish it was a dream

During the
Psychic hours

A fixed perpetual rage against man
A sense of doom that only spirits command
I've never felt this feeling before
People dying by the score

Your desinty's uncertain
So whatcha gonna do
Try to earn a living
It's all up to you

Go to school graduate
As you leave choose your fate
Got a job minimum rate
Go to college cooperate

It's your life
So do with it what you want
Make it right
There'll be no right decisions

Figure it out cannot tell
Problem is my mind has failed
Wrong decision parents wail
Too late you've gone to jail


I don't know
What's the reason
WHy should you what's the reason
You know something that I don't
What's the reason
Or was it all made up?

You lied and deceived to get where you are
If you ask me that's not very fair

Money is your goal we all know it's true
Wait 'til somebody tries stepping on you

You got the bucks but you got no friends
Swindling and cheating will never end
An older miser by himself
Left alone with all his wealth

A middle-aged man
With a craving
To see himself
Fat and lazy

Loss of self within yourself
Cruel doings to gain your wealth
Loss of self within yourself
Stealing from poor to gain your health
Loss of self within yourself
The death card you have been dealt

Stocks and bonds
Prepared himself
In a situation
Of forever wealth

Loss of self (repeat)

A sure investment
Into booze
The only problem
You lose!

Loss of self

Night of the rat
Night of the rat
Night of the rat

They enter into your home
No rules to each his own
Annoyed with them to be alive
Set a trap make sure they die

Trapped the kid as fast as you can
Close the lid on the garbage can
But you're still being annoyed
Watch your house become destroyed

Lights flicker in every room
Load a gun shoot it soon
Child trapped on the bed
Rat's eyes flashing red

The rat wants her baby there
Retrieve the kid you don't care
The creature squeals 'cause it's dead
The lonesome life will be led
She left the house immediately
In sorrow for living peacefully
She never meant to outburst
But the humans killed them first

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