Vinyl - Cassettes - CDs

10/29/79 LP (Trap, 1980) US
1984 the First Sonic World War LP (New Wave, 1984) France
1984 the Second 2LP (New Wave, 1985) France
1984 the Third 2LP (New Wave, 1987) France
1984 the Fourth LP + 7" (New Wave, 1990) France
4 Per A//AA Per Tutti 7" (A-rivista anarchia, 1984) Italy

A Boston Rock Christmas 12" (Boston Rock, 1983) US
A Country Fit For Heroes 12" (No Future, 1981) UK
A Country Fit For Heroes vol. 2 12" (No Future, 1983) UK
A Farewell to Arms LP (Selfish, 1986) Japan
A Guaranteed Mug Free Zone LP (Link, 1988) UK
A Kick Up the Arse vol. 1 LP (Rot Records, 1985) UK
ABC Hardcore 82 7" (ABC Records) Brazil
Albany Style Hardcore 7" (Combined Effort, 1988) US
Alive & Kicking 7" (WGNS, 1985) US
Alle 24 Goed LP (Punk Etc., 1985) Belgium
Als Je Haar Maar Goed Zit... LP (Vögelspin, 1982) Netherlands
Als Je Haar Maar Goed Zit... Nr. 2 LP (Vögelspin, 1983) Netherlands
American Youth Report LP (Bomp, 1982) US
Anglican Scrape Attic 7" flexi (1985) Japan
Another Shot For Bracken LP (Positive Force, 1986) US
Apathy... Never! LP (Over the Top, 1986) US
Ataque Sonoro LP (Ataque Frontal, 1985) Brazil
Attack Is Now Suicide LP (Double A, 1988) Germany
Attack of 4 Tribes LP (Selfish, 1988) Japan

Babylon: Bleibt Fahren LP (Babylon Bleibt Fahren, 1985) Netherlands
Bands That Could Be God LP (Conflict/Radiobeat, 1984) US
Barricaded Suspects LP (Toxic Shock, 1983) US
Bat, Bi, Hiru... Hamar! 2LP (Oihuka, 1987) Spain
Beating the Meat LP (Xcentric Noise, 1984) UK
Best Run Fast vol. 1 flexi (MCR, 1990) Japan
Best Run Fast vol. 2 7" (MCR, 1991) Japan
Beware of the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing LP (Nozem, 1985) Netherlands
Big Apple: Rotten to the Core LP (S.I.N. Records, 1982) US
Big Apple: Rotten to the Core vol. 2 LP (Raw Power Records, 1987) US
Big City: Ain't Too Pretty 7" (Big City, 1983) US
Big City: Nice and Loud 7" (Big City, 1984) US
Big City: Don't Want No Pity 7" (Big City, 1984) US
Big City: One Big Crowd (Big City, 1985) US
Big City: First Three LP (Big City, 1985) US
Blasting Concept LP (SST, 1983) US
Blitz Hits 2LP (1989) Norway
Bollox to the Gonads - Here's the Testicles LP (Pax, 1984) UK
Bottom Rise Up The Top 8" flexi (Devilish, 1989) Japan
Bouncing Babies LP (Fountain of Youth, 1984) US
Breaking the Silence 7" EP (Artcore, 1987) Germany
Bulgarian Archives 7" (AON/Breakeven, 1999) Bulgaria
Bullshit Detector LP (Crass, 1980) UK
Bullshit Detector vol. 2 2LP (Crass, 1982) UK
Bullshit Detector vol. 3 2LP (Crass, 1984) UK
Buried Alive LP (Smoke Seven, 1983) US
Busted At Oz LP (Autumn, 1981) US

Can You Hear Me? LP (Optional/Walking Dead, 1980) US
Capital Kaos LP (Kaos, 1984) New Zealand
Carry On Oi! LP (Secret, 1981) UK
Chunks LP (New Alliance, 1981) US
City of the Punk Rats 7" (Fight Men, 1989) Japan
City Rockers LP (City Rocker, 1982) Japan
Cleanse the Bacteria LP (Pusmort, 1985) US
Clockwork Orange County LP (Mystic, 1985) US
Complete Death LP (Metal Blade/Death, 1986) US
Connecticut Fun LP (Incas, 1985) US
Consolidation 7" (Pathway, 1987) UK
Corruption LP (For the Deaf, 1988) Japan
Cottage Cheese From the Lips of Death LP (Ward-9, 1983) US
Covers LP (Mystic, 1985) US
Cracks In the Sidewalk LP (New Alliance, 1980) US

Daffodils to the Daffodils Here's the Daffodils LP (Pax Records, 1984) UK
Demo-lition Blues LP (Insane, 1983) UK
Desperate Teenage Lovedolls LP (Gasatanka, 1984) US
Dokumentti Todellisuudesta LP (SHJ, 1988) Finland
Drinking is Great 7" (Fatal Erection, 1985) US
Driven to Death LP (Clay, 1990) UK

East LP (Dead Good, 1980) UK
Eastern Front LP (ICI/Sanoblast, 1981) US
Eastern Front vol. 2 LP (Enigma, 1982) US
Eastern Front vol. 3 LP (Restless, 1986) US
Emma 2LP (De Konkurrent, 1985) Netherlands
Empty Skulls vol. 2 LP (Fartblossom, 1986) US
End the Warzone 7" (One Step Ahead, 1987) US
Enjoy Your Youth With This Hardcore Sampler LP (Adventure Family, 1988) Japan
Eye of the Thrash Guerrilla LP (Selfish, 1988) Japan

Fala LP (Tonpress, 1985) Poland
Fight Back EP (Endangered Music, 1985) UK
Fledgling Punx 7" (Nouzui, 1987) Japan
Flex Your Head LP (Dischord, 1982) US
Flipside Vinyl Fanzine LP (Gasatanka/Enigma, 1984) US
Flipside Vinyl Fanzine vol. 2 LP (Gasatanka/Enigma, 1985) US
Flipside Vinyl Fanzine vol. 3 LP (Flipside/Enigma, 1987) US
Four Bands That Could Change the World LP (Gasatanka, 1987) US
F-R-5 LP (Fetal, 1986) US
France Profonde vol. 1 LP (Réseau alternatif, 1984) France
France Profonde vol. 2 LP (Réseau alternatif, 1987) France
Fremtiden Er Nå! LP (Nå, 1983) Norway
From the Valley Within 7" (Lost, 1984) US
Fun's Not Dead LP (More Fun, 1985) Germany
The Future Looks Brighter LP (Posh Boy, 1987) US

Get Back the Discharged Arrow LP (Selfish, 1989) Japan
Get Off My Back LP (Red, 1982) US
Go Ahead Make My Day LP (Odds Ness, 1989) Japan
Going Nowhere Slow LP (Double A, 1990) Germany
Goot From the Boot LP (Spittle, 1984) Italy
Great Punk Hits LP (Japan, 1983) Japan
Grito Suburbano LP (Punk Rock Discos, 1982) Brazil

Half Skull 7" (Insane Industries, 1984) US
Hang the Sucker vol. 1 7" (Kagai Mousou, 1988) Japan
Hang the Sucker vol. 2 LP (Kagai Mousou, 1989) Japan
Hardcore vol. 1 LP (Starving Missile, 1988) Germany
Hardcore 83 LP (Propaganda, 1983) Finland
Hardcore Evolution LP (Jungle Hop, 1989) France
Hardcore for the Masses LP (Uproar, 1988) Sweden
Hardcore Ljubljana LP (FV Zalozba, 1985) Yugoslavia
Hardcore Showcase LP (Stomping Records, 1989) Japan
Hardcore Takes Over LP (Dirt, 1983) US
Hardcore Unlawful Assembly LP (AA, 1984) Japan
Harder the Edge, the Rocka the Roll LP (1985) New Zealand
H'artcore LP (H'art, 1981) Germany
Hatelijke Groenten 7" (Rip Off, 1982) Netherlands
Have a Rotten Christmas vol. 1 LP (Rot, 1984) UK
Have a Rotten Christmas vol. 2 LP (Rot, 1985) UK
Hell Comes to Your House LP (Bemisbrain/Riot State, 1981) US/UK
Hell Comes to Your House vol. 2 LP (Bemisbrain/Enigma, 1983) US

I'll Gather Up 8" (Musical Friends, 1989) Japan
Incredible Power of Darkness LP (Rise & Fall, 1987) Germany
It Came From Innerspace LP (Rubber, 1983) Canada
It Came From the Pit LP (Psyche Industry, 1985) Canada
I've Got An Attitude Problem 7" (Looney Tunes/BCT, 1987) UK/US

Jak Punk to Punk LP (Tonpress, 1986) Poland
Jisatsu Omnibus 8" (Jisatsu, 1984) Japan

Kakumei - Best Run Fast LP (MCR, 1989) Japan
Keine Experimente LP (Weird System, 1983) Germany
Keine Experimente vol. 2 LP (Weird System, 1984) Germany
Killed By Italian Skinhead EP (Gema, 1998) Italy

Last Punk Osaka LP (Beggars Connection, 1986) Japan
Lasta 7" EP (ST, 1983) Finland
Let Them Eat Jellybeans LP (Alternative Tentacles/Faulty, 1981) US
Let's Die LP (Mystic, 1985) US
Let's Get Pissed - It's Christmas LP (Cult, 1984) UK
Let's Get Pissed - It's Christmas vol. 2 LP (Cult, 1986) UK
Life is a Joke vol. 1 LP (Weird System, 1984) Germany
Life is a Joke vol. 2 LP (Weird System, 1986) Germany
Life is a Joke vol. 3 LP (Weird System, 1987) Germany
Life is Beautiful So Why Not Eat Health Foods? LP (New Underground, 1983) Los Angeles
Life is Boring So Why Not Steal This Record? LP (New Underground, 1983) US
Life is Ugly So Why Not Kill Yourself? LP (New Underground, 1982) US
Lovedolls Superstars LP (SST, 1986) US
Lung Cookies LP (Smoke Seven/Your Flesh, 1983) US

Make It Work 7" EP (Run It, 1985) US
Master Tape LP (Affirmation, 1982) US
Master Tapes 2LP (Affirmation, 1983) US
Message From America LP (Urinal, 1985) US
Metal Gives Us a Headache 7" (Hippycore, 1988) US
Middle Class Uprising LP (Weird System, 1988) Germany
Middle of America LP (HID, 1984) US
Mighty Feeble LP (New Alliance, 1983) US
Mixed Nuts Don't Crack LP (Outside, 1984) US
Money Makes Justice 7" (Limbabwe, 1985) Netherlands
Murders Among Us 7" EP (Combined Effort/Vermiform, 1990) US
My Meat's Your Poison LP (Selfish, 1987) Japan
Mystic Sampler #1 LP (Mystic, 1984) US
Mystic Sampler #2 LP (Mystic, 1985) US
Mystic Sampler #3 LP (Mystic, 1986) US
Mystic Super Seven Sampler #1 7" (Mystic, 1985) US
Mystic Super Seven Sampler #2 7" (Mystic, 1985) US

Nå Eller Aldri 7" (X-Port Plater, 1984) Norway
Nardcore LP (Mystic, 1984) US
New Hope LP (New Hope, 1983) US
New Jersey's Got It LP (Buy Our Records, 1985) US
New Zealand 7" (Out of Order, 1987) New Zealand
Ningen Omnibus 7" flexi (Ningen, 1987) Japan
N.O. Experience Necessary LP (Oblique, 1980) US
No Questions, No Answers LP (Vinyl Solution, 1980) US
No Visible Scars 7" (Treblinka, 1985) UK
Noise From Nowhere 7" (Toxic Shock, 1983) US
Not So Lucky Country 2LP (Reactor, 1988) Australia
Not So Quiet on the Western Front 2LP (Alternative Tentacles, 1982) US
Nuke Your Dink 7" (Positive Force, 1984) US

O Começo do Fim do Mundo LP (1983) Brazil
Odd Man Out 7" (DSI, 1988) US
Oi! The Album LP (EMI, 1980) UK
Oi! Oi! That's Yer Lot LP (Secret, 1982) UK
Oi! Of Sex LP (Syndicate, 1984) UK
On The Streets LP (Sane, 1984) UK
Outsider LP (City Rocker, 1982) Japan
Overseas Connection LP (Double A, 1987) Germany

Papi, Queens, Reichkanzlers & Presidennti 7" (Attack Punk, 1982) Italy
P.E.A.C.E. 2LP (R Radical, 1984) US
People of the Pit LP (Goddam Church, 1986) Italy
Pinch and Ouch! LP (KPP, 1985) Japan
Power of Love LP (Starving Missile, 1986) Germany
Primative Air-Raid LP (Psyche Industry, 1984) Canada
Process of Elimination EP (Touch & Go, 1981) US
Public Service LP (Smoke Seven, 1981) US
Pultti 7" EP (Pultti, 1982) Finland
Punk and Disorderly LP (Abstract/Posh Boy, 1982) UK
Punk and Disorderly vol. 2: Further Charges LP (Anagram, 1983) UK
Punk and Disorderly vol. 3: The Final Solution LP (Anagram, 1983) UK
Punk Dead - Nah Mate, The Smell is Jus Summink in Yer Underpants Innit 12" (Pax, 1982) UK
Punk Lives - Let's Slam LP (Slam, 1986) UK
Punk Lives - Let's Slam vol. 2 LP (Slam) UK
¿Punk? ¿Qué Punk? LP (Dro, 1983) Spain
Punk's Not Dread LP (Sink Below, 1991) UK

Quelli Che Urlano Ancora LP (C.A.S., 1985) Italy

Rapsodie LP (Jungle Hop International, 1986) France
Raptus LP (Meccano, 1984) Italy
Raptus vol.2 LP (Meccano, 1985) Italy
Rat Music for Rat People LP (Go!, 1982) US
Rat Music for Rat People vol. 2 LP (CD Presents, 1984) US
Rat Music for Rat People vol. 3 LP (CD Presents, 1987) US
Reagan Regime Review EP (Selfless, 1992) US
Really Fast (Really Fast, volumes 1-3) Sweden
Relying On Us 7" EP (Endangered Music, 1985) UK
Revenge of the Kamikaze Stegosaurus LP (Ax/ction, 1988) US
Riotous Assembly LP (Riot City, 1982) UK
Rip Shit or Bust! 12" (Ripper, 1983) New Zealand
Rodney On The ROQ LP (Posh Boy, 1980) US
Rodney On The ROQ vol. 2 LP (Posh Boy, 1981) US
Rodney On The ROQ vol. 3 LP (Posh Boy, 1982) US
Roodwitzwart LP (Cycling Dinosaur, 1984) Netherlands
Rumores LP (Sebo do Disco, 1985) Brazil
Russia Bombs Finland LP (Propaganda, 1982) Finland

Schiavi nella città più libera del mondo 7" (Attack Punk, 1982) Italy
Senseless Death 7" (Nuclear Blast, 1989) Germany
Senseless Death LP (Nuclear Blast, 1989) Germany
Shoudoku Gig LP (Selfish, 1987) Japan
Single Ticket to Paradise 7" (Neg. FX, 1985) France
Siren LP (Posh Boy, 1980) US
Skins e Punks = T.N.T. EP (C.A.S., 1983) Italy
Smashing Odds Ness! 8" (Odds Ness) Japan
Smelling Just Another Bad Breath LP (Double A Records, 1986) Europe (+1)
Someone Got Their Head Kicked In (BYO, 1982) US
Something to Believe In LP (BYO, 1984) US
Son of Oi! LP (Syndicate, 1983) UK
Sound of Hollywood #1: Girls LP (Mystic, 1982) US
Sound of Hollywood #2: Destroy LA LP (Mystic, 1983) US
Sound of Hollywood #3: COPulation LP (Mystic, 1984) US
Sound of Hollywood #4: Cop 2 LP (Mystic, 198?) US
Sound of Hollywood #5: du BEAT-e-o LP (Mystic, 1985) US
Sound of Hollywood #6: Noise LP (Mystic, 198?) US
Sound of USA #1: Washington DC - The Savages Are Loose LP (Mystic, 1986) US
Sound of USA #2: Portland Oregon - City of Thorns LP (Mystic, 1986) US
Sound of USA #6: New York City - Mutiny on the Bowery LP (Mystic, 1988) US
State of the Union LP (Dischord, 1989) US
Still Thinking Presents... Progress?! 7" (Still Thinking, 1987) Canada
Strength Thru Oi! LP (Decca, 1981) UK
Sub LP (Estúdios Vermelhos, 1982) Brazil
Sudden Death LP (Smoke Seven, 1982) US
Super Seven Sampler LP (Mystic, 1987) US
Sutura Eterna LP (Senza Patria, 1986) Italy
Suuren hiljaisuuden jalkeen 7" EP (Ev-levyt, 1987) Finland
Systeemi ei toimi 7" EP (P. Tuotanto, 1982) Finland

Ten From the Madhouse LP (No Peer, 1981) UK
That Was Then... EP (Plus, 1986) US
There is No Reason to be Happy 7" (Artcore, 1986) Germany
There's a Method to Our Madness LP (Phantom, 1986) US
They Pelted Us With Rocks and Garbage LP (After Hours/Fungus, 1985) US
This is Boston Not L.A. LP (Modern Method, 1982) US
This is Phoenix Not the Circle Jerks LP (Placebo, 1984) US
This is the A.L.F. LP (Mortarhate, 1998) UK
Thrash Til Death LP (Selfish, 1986) Japan
Triple Cross Counter Tour 7" (Kagai Mousou, 1989) Japan
Tooth and Nail LP (Upsetter, 1979) US
Total Anarchy LP (Lightbeat, 1982) UK
Trap Sampler LP (Trap, 1981) US
Tsjernobilly Boogie LP (Humbug Productions/Snack Ohm Tapes, 1987) Norway

Uncontrolled Disease 7" (Strangled Death) Greece
Underground Hits 1 LP (Aggressive Rockproduktionen, 1982) Germany
Underground Hits 2 LP (Aggressive Rockproduktionen, 1983) Germany
Unsafe At Any Speed EP (Modern Method, 1984) US
Unzipping the Abstract LP (Manchester Musicians Collective, 1980) UK

Vägra För Helvete LP (Rosa Honung, 1983) Sweden
Vancouver Complication LP (Pinned, 1979) Canada
Vancouver Independence LP (Friends, 1980) Canada
The Vikings Are Coming LP (Uproar, 1985) Sweden
Virus LP (Jungle Hop, 1987) Japan
Viva Umkhonto! LP (Mordam/Konkurrel, 1987) US/Netherlands

War 7" (Over the Top, 1988) US
Wargasm LP (Pax, 1982) UK
We Can Do Whatever We Want LP (BCT, 1986) US
We Can't Help It If We're From Florida 7" (Destroy, 1983) US
We Don't Want Your Fucking Law! LP (Fight Back, 1985) UK
We Don't Want Your Fucking War! LP (Fight Back, 1984) UK
We Don't Need Nuclear Force LP + 7" (Mülleimer, 1986) Germany
We Got Power: Party or Go Home LP (Mystic, 1983) US
We Got Power: Party Animal LP (Mystic, 1985) US
We Got Power: We Got Party LP (Mystic, 1987) US
We Will Be Free LP (Warzone, 1986) UK
We Won't Be Your Fucking Poor 2LP (Mortarhate, 1985) UK
Wedge 7" (Simple Machines, 1990) US
Welcome to 1984 LP (MRR, 1984) US
Welcome to Albany 7" (Grinch Records, 1988) US
Welcome to Ax/ction Island 7" (Ax/ction, 1986) US
Welcome to Venice LP (Suicidal, 1986) US
Wessex '82 7" (Bluurg, 1982) UK
Wet Dreams LP (Rot, 1984) UK
What Are You Doing About That Hole In Your Head LP (Rot, 1986) UK
What Doesn't Hurt Us, Makes Us Stonger LP (Destiny, 1985) Germany
What Is It LP (What, 1982) US
When Men Were Men... And Sheep Were Scared LP (Bemisbrain, 1985) US
Who Cares LP (American Standard, 1981) US
Who? What? Why? When? Where? LP (Mortarhate, 1984) UK
Why Are We Here? EP (No Core, 1983) US
Words Worth Shouting LP (Radical Change, 1985) UK
World War 3 LP (Rot, 1986) UK

Yalta Hi-Life LP (Barabbas, 1984) Finland
Yokosuka City Hard Core 7" flexi (MCR) Japan
You Can't Argue With Sucksess LP (Mystic, 1982) US
You Are Not Alone 7" EP (Words of Warning, 1986) UK


24 Love Songs tape (Smurf Punk, 1985) Belgium
3rd Bombardment tape (Twisted Red Cross, 1986) Philippines

Ahhh... Italian Punk!! tape (BCT, 1983) US
Allez Crachez tape (Punk Etc., 1982) Belgium
Alternative South East tape (Never Surrender, 1983) UK
America's Dairyland tape (Last Rites, 1983) US
Approximately 30 Minutes of Wasted Time tape (1984) Netherlands

Bang Zoom tapes (Bang Zoom, six volumes) US
Barabbas Records Compilation tape (BCT, 1986) Finland
Barefoot and Pregnant tape (Reflex, 1982) US
Birth Defect tape (1983) US
Brain of Stone tape (BCT, 1984) US
Brave New World - Live! tape (Twisted Red Cross, 1985) Philippines

Car Crash Music tape (BCT, 1986) US
Charred Remains tape (Noise/Version Sound, 1981) US
Code Blue tape (Last Rites, 1984) US

DNA Tape no. 1 (EC Productions) Australia
DNA Tape no. 2 (EC Productions, 1983) Australia

Eat Me tape (BCT, 1984) US
Empty Skulls tape (1984) US
Experience the Freedom of Total Control tape (BCT, 1986) US

Fatal Response tape (Twisted Red Cross, 1986) Philippines
First Strike tape (BCT, 1983) US
The Future Looks Bright Ahead tape (Posh Boy/SST, 1981) US

Grevious Musical Harm tape (Xcentric Noise, 1983) UK

Hideous Freaks Search for Happiness tape (BCT, 1985) US
Holland Hardcore tape (Er is hoop, 1983) Netherlands
Holland Hardcore 2nd Attack tape (Er is hoop, 1984) Netherlands

I Estimated Your Worth Today tape (??) US
I Thrash, Therefore I Am tape (BCT, 1985) US
I'm Buck Naked tape (BCT, 1984) US

Ja Vi Elsker Dette Landet..? tape (Snack Ohm Tapes, 1984) Norway

Kaaos Zine Presents tape (BCT, 1985) Finland
Kitten tape (Reflex, 1983) US

Last White Christmas I tape (BCT/Cessophena, 1984) US/Italy
Last White Christmas II tape (BCT/Cessophena, 1984) US/Italy
Live At Katrina's tape (Twisted Red Cross, 1986) Philippines
Lov & Orden tape (Den Onde Sirkel, 1986) Norway

Meathouse tape (Version Sound, 1982) US
Minutes To Go tape (1981) US
Music On Fire tape (BCT, 1983) Italy

New York Thrash tape (ROIR, 1982) US
No Core tape (No Core, 1982) US
Northwest Hardcore tape (Media Blitz, 1988) US

Our Blow Out tape (Slow Death, 1983) US

Pah tape (Hit Ranking, 1982) UK
Parfum de Mort tape (UKR, 1984) Italy
Philippines: Where Do We Go From Here? tape (Twisted Red Cross, 1987) Philippines
The Punx tape (JICC, 1985) Japan

Quest For The Corngirl (Ax/ction, 1986) US

Rapsodie En France tape (Jungle Hop International, 1985) France
Raw War tape (XCentric Noise, 1983) UK
Rescue Ladders and Human Barricades tape (Twisted Red Cross, 1984) Philippines

Second Time Around tape (Punk Etc, 1983) Belgium
Senza Tregua tape (BCT, 1985) Italy
Shoot 'Em All tape (1984) UK
Song of Norway tape (Den Onde Sirkel, 1983) Norway
Spanish HC tape (BCT, 1984) US
Starving Dogs tape (Little Farmer, 1983) US

Then Now tape (1984?) South Africa
They Decide... You Pay! tape (BCT, 1984) Italy
Thrasher Skate Rock tapes (High Speed Productions, volumes 1-7) US
Tropical Viruses #1 tape (BCT, 1984) Brazil
Tropical Viruses #2 tape (BCT, 1984) Brazil

Undergrowth Vancouver '84 tape (Undergrowth, 1984) Canada

Vieillesse Délinquante tape (Ballyhoo, 1985) France

World Class Punk tape (ROIR, 1984) US


20 Years of Dischord 3CD boxset (Dischord, 2002) US
22 Polish Punk Classics CD (Sonic, 1992) Poland

All For One... One For All CD (Grand Theft Audio, 1995) US

Blitz - 10 År På Pur Faen CD (Progress, 1993) Norway

Furious Years of Italian Hardcore Punk CD (Antichrist/Agitpunk, 1996) Italy

High Road to Obscurity vol. 1 CD (Grand Theft Audio, 2000) US

Suburban Voice 15th Anniversary Compilation CD (Suburban Voice, 1998) US

Varning För Punk 3CD (Distortion, 1997) Sweden
Visionville Hardcore vol. 1 CD (As It Is/Strange Culture, 1996) Malaysia