Label: Conflict/Radiobeat
Cat. #: Conflict 001/Radiobeat 003
Released: 1984

1. BUSTED STATUES "Blue Cheer"
2. MOVING TARGETS "Changing Your Mind"
3. DEEP WOUND "Time to Stand"
4. SORRY "My Word"
6. MOVING TARGETS "Waiting for the End"
8. BEANBAG "Harassment"
9. CHRISTMAS "100 Million Flowers"
10. CHRISTMAS "My Little Book of Lies"
11. SALEM 66 "Sleep On Flowers"
12. MOVING TARGETS "Selfish"
13. FLIES "The Plunge"
14. BUSTED STATUES "Nautical"
15. DEEP WOUND "You're False"
16. BEANBAG "Cat's Pajamas"
17. SORRY "One More Step"
From the Insert:

There's more going on in Boston than some people are telling you about. This record is for the bands that don't have a built-in scene or clique following them. The Neats, Del Fuegos, SSD, the Proletariat -- they've all made progress. But they're not the only game in town. -GC


Bands That Could Be God is a mix of Boston-area hardcore and post-punk bands. It was complied and produced by Gerard Cosloy, who did the Conflict zine (and later ran Madador Records), and released on Lou Giordano's Radiobeat label.
I read somewhere in a zine once where some guy said the only tracks of note on this compilation were by Deep Wound... I'll bet anything that he wrote that without even having listened to the record before. Deep Wound's "You're False" is an awesome and amazingly fast hardcore song, but their other song here is honestly pretty boring (and to be honest, that band is kind of overrated anyway). The best band on this comp BY FAR is Moving Targets. "Selfish" is better than anything Deep Wound ever did. The other two Moving Targets songs are great too -- melodic hardcore with an edge, reminiscent of early Hüsker Dü. Years later hundreds of bands (try to) sound like this, but Moving Targets were one of the first to explore the territory. Also great are the Outpatients -- two superb hardcore songs, really fucking tight. Sorry, too, deserves recognition. Like Moving Targets, they go beyond just straightforward hardcore, although Sorry is slightly less urgent and powerful.
As for the post-punk bands, I don't find their songs as exciting, but there's definitely some good stuff. Busted Statues do two somber tunes of the jangly-clean-guitar variety and they play off well with the hardcore songs that come after. I like Salem 66 and Flies too -- the former sounds like they could be from Dischord's State of the Union compilation. The only real throwaways on here are Beanbag and Christmas... both a little too artsy/experimental for my tastes. Overall an excellent and underappreciated record.

A compilation of Boston bands who have not been recognized yet. "Bands" means bands - this is not a thrash compilation, there are slow rock bands, arty rock bands and at least four bands (Deep Wound, Moving Targets, Sorry, and Outpatients) that I would consider fast. Like all comps, you will find stuff here you like and dislike - I'll just say it took a lot of balls to mix the different styles on on LP.
-Al Flipside, from Flipside #43, 1984

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