Label: BCT
Cat. #: BCT 11
Released: December, 1984

1. RAZOR BLADES (Denmark) "Precipice"
2. RAZOR BLADES (Denmark) "Fascist Fantasy"
3. RAZOR BLADES (Denmark) "Another Victim"
4. DISRESPECT (Denmark) "Bekamp Systernet"
5. DISRESPECT (Denmark) "Schliiter Jugend"
6. FLARE DØDE PANSERE (Denmark) "Married to a Murderer"
7. FLARE DØDE PANSERE (Denmark) "A Little Boy"
8. NOT MOVING (Italy)
9. ACCUSED (Washington, US) "Civil Defense"
10. ACCUSED (Washington, US) "In a Death Bed"
11. ACCUSED (Washington, US) "God Drives a Blue and White Car"
12. ACCUSED (Washington, US) "The Right"
13. SCHLONG (Washington, US) "Am I Right"
14. WALLFLOWERS (California, US) "Rubber Room"
15. TOXIN III (Louisiana, US) "Hardcore Wing Ding"
16. TOXIN III (Louisiana, US) "No Knees Please"
17. TOXIN III (Louisiana, US) "Arrested"
18. TOXIN III (Louisiana, US) "Calculated Risk"
19. TOXIN III (Louisiana, US) "Supply & Demand"
20. SNUFFLIX (Louisiana, US) "Shut Up & Gimme"
21. SNUFFLIX (Louisiana, US) "Scenic View"
22. LOVE CANAL (California, US)
23. DIET OF WORMS (Oklahoma, US) "I Hate the Cold"
24. DIET OF WORMS (Oklahoma, US) "Deep Down Inside"
25. POWER OF THE SPOKEN WORD (Nebraska, US) "Power of the Spoken Word"
26. POWER OF THE SPOKEN WORD (Nebraska, US) "Convulsion"
27. POWER OF THE SPOKEN WORD (Nebraska, US) "Now Listen to This Bitch"
28. WILD HAIRS (New Jersey, US) "Freedom"
29. WILD HAIRS (New Jersey, US) "Everybody Humps My Baby"
30. WILD HAIRS (New Jersey, US) "Stupid Cat"
31. WILD HAIRS (New Jersey, US) "Blood Poisoning"
32. BILL OF RIGHTS (Canada) "Decide"
33. MENTAL CRISIS (Missouri, US) "Wasted Time"
34. MENTAL CRISIS (Missouri, US) "Your Lies"
35. MENTAL CRISIS (Missouri, US) "Think Before You Act"
36. KILLING CHILDREN (Indiana, US) "What Am I Gonna Do"
37. KILLING CHILDREN (Indiana, US) "Quincy Chips"
38. KILLING CHILDREN (Indiana, US) "Campus Life"
39. KILLING CHILDREN (Indiana, US) "Boring"
40. HAPPY FLOWERS (Virginia, US) "Mom, I Gave the Cat Some Acid"
41. YOUTHINASIA (Illinois, US) "I Hate"
42. YOUTHINASIA (Illinois, US) "Manamana"
43. YOUTH KORPS (Connecticut, US) "Crime"
44. YOUTH KORPS (Connecticut, US) "1969"
45. YOUTH KORPS (Connecticut, US) "Get a Gun"
46. YOUTH KORPS (Connecticut, US) "Sick of Pain"
47. YOUTH KORPS (Connecticut, US) "No Nothing"
48. CANCEROUS GROWTH (Mass, US) "Stupid People"
49. CANCEROUS GROWTH (Mass, US) "Choice is Yours"
50. CANCEROUS GROWTH (Mass, US) "Heart Failure"
51. CANCEROUS GROWTH (Mass, US) "Corporation Vegetable"
52. &*!!% (West Germany) "Die Regel"
53. &*!!% (West Germany) "Kummer"
54. ANI(X)VAX (West Germany) "Munster"
55. ANI(X)VAX (West Germany) "Ami-Song"
56. KANALKOTZER! (West Germany) "Peter Alexander"
57. KANALKOTZER! (West Germany) "Alles Scheibe"
58. KANALKOTZER! (West Germany)
59. VICIOUS CIRCLE (Australia) "Public Minister"
60. KANALKOTZER! (West Germany) "Legale Schweinerei"

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