Label: BCT/Cessophena Records
Cat. #: BCT 6
Released: 1984

1. BRONTOSAURI "Capsius Cabanis (Berlino Fuck Off)"
2. BRONTOSAURI "Brontosauri"
3. BRONTOSAURI "Opposition"
4. RAW POWER "Power"
5. RAW POWER "For My"
6. RAW POWER "I Hate The"
7. RAW POWER "Chicken Song"
8. RAW POWER "Army"
9. RAW POWER "No Future"
10. RAW POWER "Politicians"
11. RAW POWER "Raw Power"
12. RAW POWER "Fuck Authority"
13. RAW POWER "Hate"
14. RAW POWER "Fabbrica" (Factory)
15. RAW POWER "Victim"
16. RAW POWER "White Minority"
17. JUGERNAUT "Convact"
18. JUGERNAUT "Tomorrow"
19. JUGERNAUT "xoo2"
20. JUGERNAUT "Inquisitor"
21. JUGERNAUT "xoo3"
22. STATO DI POLIZIA "Odio" (Hate)
23. STATO DI POLIZIA "Mente Sconvolia" (Damaged Mind)
24. STATO DI POLIZIA "Uccidi tuo Fratello"
25. STATO DI POLIZIA "Non Dirmi e Non Parlartil"
26. PUTRID FEVER "Draw of Fear"
27. PUTRID FEVER "Motorhead"
28. PUTRID FEVER "Anger"
29. PUTRID FEVER "Reality"
30. PUTRID FEVER "Song From War"
31. PUTRID FEVER "Naked Real Gun"
32. PUTRID FEVER "Skaters"
34. DEMENTS "I Am Not"
35. DEMENTS "Point of View"
36. USELESS BOYS "I Don't Need Your Love Anymore"
37. USELESS BOYS "Weekend Trip"
38. USELESS BOYS "I Need You So"
39. USELESS BOYS "Can't Judge a Book By the Cover"
40. USELESS BOYS "Barracuda"
41. WAR DOGS "The State of Things"
42. WAR DOGS "Fried Brains"
43. WAR DOGS "Snakes"
44. WAR DOGS "War Dogs"
45. WAR DOGS "(I Hate The) Families"
46. WAR DOGS "Red Hot Phones"
47. WAR DOGS "M.G."
48. AUSCHLAG "Grazie Patria" (Thank You My Country)
49. AUSCHLAG "Vittime" (Victims)
50. AUSCHLAG "Nessuno" (No One)
51. AUSCHLAG "Woytila Vattene!" (Woytila Scram!)
52. AUSCHLAG "Siamo Stanchi" (We're Fed Up)
53. AUSCHLAG "In Carcere" (In Jail)
54. AUSCHLAG "Distruzione Totale" (Total Destruction)
55. AUSCHLAG "Ribeliati" (Subvert)
56. AUSCHLAG "A Fuoco" (Burn 'em Down)

Label: BCT/Cessophena Records
Cat. #: BCT 7
Released: 1984

1. CCM "Commandos"
2. CCM "(We're) The Juvenile Delinquency"
3. CCM "Right to be Italian"
4. CCM "Envy"
5. CCM "Barbed Wire World"
6. CCM "Brand New One #1"
7. CCM "Work (Means Death)"
8. CCM "Bendix Power/Secret Hate"
9. CCM "Alkool"
10. CCM "Foe or Friend"
11. CCM "Camp Darby Blues"
12. CCM "Ev'ry Day's a Reagan Day"
13. CCM "Brand New One #2"
14. CCM "Best Party Ever/No Bore"
15. CCM "Need a Crime/Ultracore"
16. CCM "Mercenaries" (orig. Negative Trend)
17. I REFUSE IT! "Mannikin"
18. I REFUSE IT! "Noi Vi Odiamo" (We Hate You)
19. I REFUSE IT! "Nuove Dal Fronte" (Fight News)
20. I REFUSE IT! "Contagio" (Contagious)
21. I REFUSE IT! "Mira Il Tuo Popoio" (Look At Your People)
22. I REFUSE IT! "Agguaio" (Surprise Attack)
23. I REFUSE IT! "Chocu Umeret" (Help Me, I'm About to Die)
24. I REFUSE IT! "Fall Down"
25. I REFUSE IT! "Frecce Avvele Nate Sul Comitato Disastri"
26. I REFUSE IT! "Hit 'n' Run Attack"
27. TRAUMATIC "Last Kids Fro Nowhere"
28. TRAUMATIC "No Man's Land"
29. TRAUMATIC "No Police No Army"
30. TRAUMATIC "No Way to Be"
31. TRAUMATIC "I Don't Mind"
32. TRAUMATIC "Ulster"

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