Label: SST Records
Cat. #: SST 013
Released: 1983

1. MINUTEMEN "Paranoid Chant"
2. MINUTEMEN "The Maze"
3. MINUTEMEN "Boiling"
4. MINUTEMEN "Games"
5. MEAT PUPPETS "Tumblin' Tumbleweeds"
6. MEAT PUPPETS "Meat Puppets"
7. SACCHARINE TRUST "A Human Certainty"
8. BLACK FLAG "Nervous Breakdown"
9. BLACK FLAG "Jealous Again"
10. BLACK FLAG "I've Heard It Before"
11. OVERKILL "Hell's Getting Hotter"
12. STAINS "Get Revenge"
13. WÜRM "I'm Dead"
14. HÜSKER DÜ "Real World"
From the Back of the Record:

The blasting Concept is a gathering of information and vinyl observations from the Southern California based SST record label and house of freedom.
Initial spins of this LP and further examination of these SST bands give clues and indicator signals of the call-to-arms urgency of the songs and outfits that have emerged from this imporant operation.
Listen to this artifact. Check out this turntable education away from media outlets, and let these thinkers and performers bring you another alternative to monitor.
This isn't a vanity pressing.
Black Flag, Saccharine Trust, Minutemen, Meat Puppets, Overkill, Wurm, Stains and Husker Du have carved and trampled into territory on thhe edge of human (and existing social) conditions.
SST music has always reflected social and political consciousness. Gregory Ginn, Chuck Dukowski, Mike Watt, D. Boon and other lyricists on this round black document present evidence of their emotional expeditions for inspection and digestion.
The songwriters on this long player have had limited distribution of their wares the last five years. A half a decade has passed since "Nervous Breakdown" and "Paranoid Chant" and the other material on this sizzling platter were penned. Yet, many of the melodies and words have come to a new fruition, if that's possible, and the first word scribblings and lyric notations from SST land are secure in this recorded legacy. Restless bands and their scripture captured. This is the only location where the moments are frozen.
Included is Black Flag's "I've Heard It Before." However, many people haven't hear it before, thus THE BLASTING CONCEPT - AN SST COMPILATION is now available. It's a survival guide for the early believers, and a look back into environments and units shipped that you might have missed the first time around.


I'd like this a lot more if the songs weren't all previously released. The stuff I hadn't heard before - Overkill, Stains, and Wurm - is all good, and I like how it ends with a Hüsker Dü song from "Metal Circus" (it's just so different from everything else). Except for the Meat Puppets (I can't get into anything from their first LP), the rest of it is good... I'd just rather listen to the records though. Unless you're a completist, I'd say this collection is unnecessary, and even if you've never heard the bands before, I'd say seek out the original albums (many of which are still in print) from which the compilation is drawn.

Label: SST Records
Cat. #: SST 046
Released: 1986

1. SAINT VITUS "Look Behind You"
2. DC 3 "Theme from an Imaginary Western"
3. SWA "Mystery Girl"
4. BLACK FLAG "I Can See You"
5. GONE "Watch the Tractor"
6. WÜRM "Death Ride"
7. OVERKILL "Over the Edge"
8. SACCHARINE TRUST "Emotions and Anatomy"
9. PAINTED WILLIE "The Big Time"
10. ANGST "Just Me"
11. MEAT PUPPETS "I Just Want to Make Love to You"
12. MINUTEMEN "Ain't Talking About Love" (uncensored version)
13. HÜSKER DÜ "Erase Today"
14. OCTOBER FACTION "I was Grotesque"
15. TOM TROCCOLI'S DOG "Todo Para Mi"

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