Label: Modern Method
Cat. #: MM 012
Released: 1982

1. JERRY'S KIDS "Straight Jacket"
2. JERRY'S KIDS "Uncontrollable"
3. JERRY'S KIDS "Wired"
4. JERRY'S KIDS "Desperate"
5. JERRY'S KIDS "Pressure"
6. JERRY'S KIDS "I Don't Wanna"
8. THE PROLETARIAT "Religion Is the Opium of the Masses"
9. THE PROLETARIAT "Allegiance"
11. THE F.U.'S "Preskool Dropouts"
12. THE F.U.'S "Radio UNIX U.S.A."
13. THE F.U.'S "Green Beret"
14. THE F.U.'S "Time Is Money"
15. GANG GREEN "Snob"
16. GANG GREEN "Lie Lie"
17. GANG GREEN "I Don't Care"
18. GANG GREEN "Rabies"
19. GANG GREEN "Narrow Mind"
20. GANG GREEN "Kill a Commie"
21. GANG GREEN "Have Fun"
22. DECADENCE "Slam"
23. THE FREEZE "Broken Bones"
24. THE FREEZE "Idiots at Happy Hour"
25. THE FREEZE "Now or Never"
26. THE FREEZE "Sacrifice Not Suicide"
27. THE FREEZE "It's Only Alcohol"
28. THE FREEZE "Trouble If You Hide"
29. THE FREEZE "Time Bomb"
30. THE FREEZE "Boston Not L.A."

Reissued on CD by Wicked Disc (includes the Unsafe at Any Speed EP)


Following the success of the Flex Your Head comp, Boston music store Newbury Comics decided to get in on the action. Motives aside, this is a great record and a document of some of the city's more overlooked hardcore bands. The title track comes from a Freeze song which, though dissing LA, does so via the Boston bands that were playing that style. Outcasts from Cape Cod, The Freeze were never accepted by the motorcycle boot clique of XClaim bands (the inscription on the Jerry's Kids LP states "This is XClaim, not Modern Method). It's their loss because the Freeze tracks here, including "Broken Bones," "Idiots at Happy Hour," and "Trouble if you Hide" are totally great raw punk like nothing else coming out of Boston. "Broken Bones" may be the best punk rawk loser anthem ever. The best band on this record, and the worst forever after, is Gang Green. They peaked early and here they belt out furious hardcore with wicked fast drums and a desperate, broken-voiced singer. Jerry's Kids and the FU's both rock hard, but not at the level they would eventually reach. Goinoids and Decadence are sophomoric punks who each get one anthem and 15 minutes of fame (although Decadence got much more when MTV picked up "Slam" for some fucking commercial). The Proletariat are definitely the odd men out, dishing out sociopolitical dogma and jittery art-punk complete with British accent. "Options" is a classic song with great lyrics, and this band is deserving of much more credit and appreciation than they get not only for their brilliance musically but for surviving in the macho, right-leaning world of Boston hardcore.

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