Label: Positive Force Records
Cat. #: No. 9
Released: 1986

1. FLAG OF DEMOCRACY (Phila., PA) "The Family Knows"
2. SCREAM (Washington, D.C.) "Green Eyed Lady"
3. SHORT DOGS GROW (San Francisco, CA) "Grandstand Play"
4. DISSONANCE (Flint, MI) "Cruise Control"
6. ENTIRELY DISTORTED (Edmonton, Alberta) "I Could See Myself"
7. THE BRIGADE (Los Angeles, CA) "The Last Frontier"
8. OUTCRY (Minneapolis, MN) "Someday"
9. WHITE FLAG (Riverside, CA) "Suicide King"
10. 7 SECONDS (Reno, NV) "When One Falls"
11. 5 BALLS OF POWER (New Hampshire) "Radio Station A.S.O.L."
12. ADRENALIN O.D. (New Brunswick, NJ) "Anarchy In the U.S.A."
13. SCRAM (Phila., PA) "Imagine"
14. CARE UNIT (Santa Ana, CA) "Little Circus Man"
15. YOUTH OF TODAY (New York City) "We Just Might"
16. ACTION FIGURE (Reno, NV) "Use Your Head"
17. THE SINS (Riverside, CA) "Crazy River"

A lot of the bands on this comp are either halfway along the "progression" from hardcore to hard rock, or just straight up rock'n'roll (of the mid-eighties variety). Mostly forgettable in my opinion. Exceptions include Flag of Democracy and Dissonance, who both break up the tedium with good straightforward hardcore - Youth of Today (who I'm not much of a fan of in general) and Outcry would fall in this category if their songs didn't sound like they were recorded on a boombox. The Verbal Assult song is an instrumental (how ironic!), and the Scream song stands out for being one of the worst songs I've ever heard in my life. And why did they include a crappy live recording of AOD covering "Anarchy in the UK"? It could've at least been one of their own songs. Scram does a reggae version of John Lennon's "Imagine"... Surprisingly, 7 Seconds (on whose record label this came out on) has one of the better songs - an energetic melodic tune similar to what what happening in DC at the time. I have yet to hear anything else from their later period, but this is not as awful as I was led to believe... how's that for a shining endorsement?

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