Label: SHJ-Records
Released: 1988

1. "Intro"
2. SABOTAASI "Lapseton Tulevaisuus"
3. SABOTAASI "Liukuhihnatyöläinen"
4. EUTHANASIA "Pää Räjähtää"
6. MAFIA "Seitsemän Sotilasta"
7. MAFIA "Isä & Poika"
8. AKK "Vapauden Kaiho"
9. AKK "Winston"
10. PERESTROIKA "Maailmanloppu"
11. PERESTROIKA "Kuka Nauraa?"
12. FUCK GEEZ (Japan) "Persecution complex"
13. TROUBLEMAKERS (Sweden) "Johnny"
14. TROUBLEMAKERS "Hjältarna Skålar I Blod"
15. POWERAGE (South Africa) "City bombs"
16. POWERAGE "Apartheid Laager"
17. SON OF HAPPY (Canada) "Li'l Head"
18. SON OF HAPPY "52-Blue-Shirt-Bash-Up"
19. SCREAMING FOETUS (South Africa) "Bright Colours"
This record is really mediocre at best. I do appreciate the effort of including a big fanzine-like booklet with loads of info about the bands included, but that's about it. I liked a couple of songs on here, namely PERESTROIKA's "Maailmanloppu" (raw and dirty, stop and go hardcore), both SON OF HAPPY songs (a band from Toronto which got included on bills with the likes of GOVERNMENT ISSUE and M.D.C.), decent political punk/hardcore with a nice touch of humor, and SCREAMING FOETUS whose track sounds like it could have been played by THE EX during their first rehearsal. Unless you have a weird fetish for bad Finnish-sung punk rock (i.e. the whole first side of the comp. save PERESTROIKA's first song), you can let this frisbee rot forever in the cruel depths of time past without remorse. Sometimes bands just get forgotten for good reasons.

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