Label: Jungle Hop
Cat. #: JH 115
Released: 1989

1. LES GNOMES "Zgeganöw"
2. ORIGINAL DISEASE "Forbidden Emotions"
4. APOLOGIZE "Misunderstood"
5. ONCLE SLAM "Anger & Pride"
7. M.S.T. "Discorde Alternative"
8. SMEGMATICS "The Shining"
9. BRAINWASHERS "Unsuspicious"
11. FLITOX "Le Paradis"
12. NOMED "Still To Trust"
13. KRULL "Dad And Mom"

NOMED (from Le Havre) play thrash metal, so what are they doing here in the first place? Well, they allegedly co-founded the French thrash metal scene with bands like LOUDBLAST & AGRESSOR, but these metalheads did a self-released LP which is total S.O.D. worship... I'm sadly talking here about the S.O.D. from New York, the so-called crossover legend (so-called what?) with people from ANTHRAX (I always thought of Scott Ian as a sheer careerist, trying to cash in on both thrash metal fans & NYHC kids' pocket money through S.O.D.), Dan Lilker, and that Billy Milano "America first!" fuckin' asshole. Marketing schemes and music industry, everything we love... Anyway, NOMED broke up and reformed at the end of the nineties to play (bad) death metal. One of them also did the Thrash Records label, which released several 7" by obscure thrash/death metal bands, including a EP by Boston's PSYCHO. At least, they had a somewhat DIY ethic (take that, Scott & Billy!), but I'm still puzzled by their presence here.
APOLOGIZE (from Paris) was maybe the first French emocore act, taking its cue from the Dischord '86 post-HxC scene, and pretty skilled at that. Their demo (from 1990, I think) has been re-released as a 10" EP recently by the Parisian label Acrude.
LES GNOMES were remarkable for singing in a language of their own, supposedly "gnome language", the singer Plex being the supposed 'spokesman for the Gnome people'. Of course, we all know that the gnome people thrive in a subterranean kingdom... Whatever. They have released a slew of records.
PARKINSON SQUARE's first album (Square up!, also from 1989) was a real whirlwind of fresh air sweeping away the metal/crossover bullshit. Fast, energetic, melodic punk rock... Some would perhaps label them as skate rock, but do we care that much for labels? Produced by Christophe (LES THUGS' drummer), I recommend this LP to any fan of catchy as hell, fast punk/hardcore with melody and a heap of cool guitar licks. No Epifat done by the numbers here! They did another LP in the nineties, which I am not familiar with. But Square up! is a real powerhouse (that is saying much considering my general lack of interest for melodic hardcore). The band hailed from Lyon.
KRULL and ORIGINAL DISEASE (with other punk/HxC bands like TEARS OF A DOLL - featuring ex-HEIMAT LOS members) contributed to several benefit comps for French radical political/antifascist groups such as S.C.A.L.P. (Section Carrément Anti Le Pen) in the late 80's/early 90's. ORIGINAL DISEASE lasted for over a decade... but I did not enjoy what I heard of their music. 4-minute tracks which seem to last for twice much are not what I prefer in hardcore punk.

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