"Buthole Surf Theme Song"

I was walkin' down around Venice way
Los Angeles
Oh big California
A man came up to me
About 40, gay
I say
"Go away . . . OK . . . No way . . . AGGGHHHHGH"

I was ridin' waves
Around Malibu beach
A guy came up to me
He was lookin' like a leech
He said "Hey Sonny boy, can I eat your peach?"
I say "Motherfucker . . . ifyoureach . . .
I don't know what I'm goin' to do"

I was ridin' my cruiser out in West Hollywood
A girl come up to me and she was lookin' mighty good
I was eating quaaludes like butthole surfers should
She left me there right where I stood



And we all talk about more peace but then war comes again
Doctors, kings and Kennedys want to take some other friend
Korea, 'Nam, El Salvador - the name is never the same
Laser guns and germ warfare, they're toys for the same old game

History - repeats itself
History - repeats itself
History - repeats itself
History - repeats itself

And people are starving every day, the sick are going uncured
While Mr. Big's huge bank account keeps growing as it should
The 1920s and the 1950s - no one's singing the blues
Depression came and took it away; you're always paying dues

History - repeats itself
History - repeats itself
History - repeats itself
History - repeats itself

And punk rock's not so far removed from Little Richard or the early Stones
Look around and see how much and just how little we've grown
Sometimes I sing so very good, sometimes there's nothing to do
The past goes circling all around and 'round; the future's up to you

History - the future is up to you
History - the future is up to you
History - the future is up to you
History - the future is up to you

"The Seed"

The hiss of the candle
That casts your black shadow
Catches fire all around you
And burns your soul to the ground
The many-tongued demon
Is calling out the devil
His words twist your body
Screams are your only sounds

Cast your spell, Oh Devil
You cast your spell on me
Cast your spell, Oh Devil
You cast your spell on me

Your strange little house
So deep down inside you
The windows are all bolted
The locks are on the door
Where other world secrets
Are set into their motion
Pictures of your life
Are all jagged and torn

Cast your spell, Oh Devil
You cast your spell on me
Cast your spell, Oh Devil
You're pulling me in far too deep

And dirty little altars
Are etched into old walls
You said your prayers my friend
To a pile of bones
The madness overcomes you
As te flames grow higher
The seed of evil my friend
The seed of evil's been sown

Cast your spell, Oh Devil
You cast your spell on me
Cast your spell, Oh Devil
You're pulling me in far too deep

"Case History"

Slash my fists against the wall
Throbbing pain of it all
I grind my teeth at the bus
My anger claims my soul

I feel better today / today
I hold by face in my hands
Thinnking of some promised land
Losing gets easier everyday
I lift my head and I say
I feel better today / today

All my wit is at wit's end
All my troubles condescend
Joking for life - waiting for death
Trying to make some common sense

"Fake Contest"

I'm making my case
Against a stack full of comics
Here comes the line . . .
"I'm loaded with rocket fuel"
Industry, industry, we're tools for the industry
Your clothes in their laundry
Bleached of identity -
You lie there naked -
I like here naked -
Both on the pavement
Why are we different?

"Middle of America"

Crisis in this world today
Want to look the other way
Keep on taking care of biz
That's where the money is
With Reaganomics
The rich get richer
But you look the other way
Generals and senators gone insane
But you look the other way
Less money for us
More for you
Is that what you really do?

"Skate or Bate"

Change the world
Grab yourself a skate
Do a grinder on the Capitol steps
Show the politicians what life is about

Make skates not guns
Drop acid not bombs
Train people how to skate
Not how to go to the next Vietnam

Promote fun - not violence
Skate or bate, man
It makes a fuck of a lot more sense

If we all don't skate . . .
The world's gonna end in a mess!
"They Sent Me To Hell C.O.D."

When I was young I did questionable things
My parents and teachers thought me quite insane
My priest kneeled me down and asked me to repent
I said, "Fucker get back I ain't even half bent"
The junkyard's my playground, I laught as fools go to church
My parents threw me out cuz I was the Devil's work
They singled me out like they once did to Christ
I said if religion's so great, why does it come with a price

They sent me to Hell C.O.D.
They sent me to Hell cash on delivery
They sent me to Hell C.O.D.
Into the Devil's arms he was waiting for me

Now I'm an adult it's a different game
You'll die fast witout power or fame
I go in a bar, all heads turn to look
The regular boys say I came out of a book
The jocks and rednecks they just don't understand
Why I won't pay the price to be in the promised land
The mothers they don't want their children near me
So they'll never copy the behavior they see

Now I'm down there looking up Cathy's skirt
Trying to nab some nooky but my fingers get burnt
I run in circles looking for a way out
The Devil laughs and turns me into a trout
I look in the mirror and to my surprise
On Tim's forehead is stamped my demise
They got me wrapped up in yestereday's news
I looked down and read how I killed all the Jews

"Pay To Come Along"

We don't need your Jah's fascist doctrine
We don't need to be so uptight
Hide your eyes from the truth
Not to be free but to be right

New World Order of old world lies
Jesus dons a new disguise
When people gave you homes and love
You gave back hate from high above

Couldn't help us fight the fight
Get together black and white
Returned all support with abuse
And intolerance beyond excuse

Black hardcore, hot and mad
Such good lyrics, it's so sad
Could have taken up a stand
Been the most important band

Looking out for number one holiest of guests
Smoking crucial herb while ignoring all their debts
They have shown for all to see, being musically blessed
Makes you no better than anyone else
Frail and human like all the rest

Oh well, we tell you what it cost
We'll never know what was lost

Your selfishness has been a burn
A lesson bitter we had to learn

We don't need no Jah jive security
We don't need to be so uptight
See you hide your eeys from the truth
Not to be free, but to be right

"(R)evolution In Rock"

We think it's right you call it left
Vietnam to El Salvador, you just play deaf
You don't want to hear a word we say
Wanna make believe it's all okay

Yes we know there's (r)evolution in rock
You can see it everywhere
Yes we know there's evolution in rock
You can feel it in the air

You don't care if you play rough
You and your klan never get enough
You don't care if you're wrong or right
You'll just send the Marines in to fight

Sick and tired of Uncle Sam
The mad nuclear missile plans
"Cause your karma really smells
You and your boys gonna rot in hell

"Legacy of Man"

Big man
Made out of iron
Tall man
Made out of rock
Most men do all their thinking
Right down in the head of their cocks

You can tell them when they walk
You can tell them by theiir talk
They don't have a thing to say
They start wars, then go away
They wanna fight day and night
They don't care about women's rights
Should be killed by firing squad
Or be hung up by a mob . . .

Big man
Mad out of air
Short man
Wants to be big
Most men do all their thinking
Like an animal - just like a pig

Big man
Made out of fire


He's old and cranky, he's got white hair
He yells at us in his underwear
He'll attack you like a crazed bear
But come on in, don't be scared

Madman he'll kick down the door
Madman he'll call you a whore
Madman he'll brand you a slut
Madman he'll kick your butt!

You pay the bills, I live in your place
I'll do what you say, for my dwelling space
I'll do your dishes, I'll wash the floors
Just please don't kick down our jam room door

You hit my friends and cut down blacks
Just proves again what your mind lacks
You back the klan
I've got to change my Nazi dad

"Sad To Be"

My mommy says I should join the church
The madman tells me what I'm worth
True, it's clear, he beats me down
Make me bitter, make me frown
Until I myself as a human being
Hide my eyes to what I see
I myself as a human being
Me, alone, I really wonder why
All along I wonder why I try
When life itself depresses me
And everything else, it's sad to be

You got cold and hateful eyes
But I look inside
Strip you of your only plce to hide
Make you the slave
Make you behave
Now watch me fade, fade away
It starts like this
Ends like that
Same old two-way predictable trip
Get so old, suck so bad
Tend to forget all the fun that I've had
End up more confused about everything
Total chaos and insecurity
Fofever in love with the vision
Sadness and indecision
Feeling croded yet lonely
Melancholy is only . . .

"Postcard From Dachau"

I got a line this morning
I should have stayed in bed
A glossy of an oven door
I thought of home-made bread
Reminded me of cooking
How Mom dished out the chow
But this was something different:
The postard was form Dachau

Who would you send one to?
Friends and family so dear
Saying, "Hi, how are you?"
Or, "Wish you were here"
A closeup of the ovens
Or a pile of Jewish dead
Or maybe best wished
For prisoners underfed

So I went over to Dachau
To see it for myself
The souvenir stand where
Postcards lined the shelf
And families with cameras
Posed on the oven door
Joked and laughed like Nazis
Did before the war

Postcard from Dachau
Greetings from the war
Genocide full color
Yours forever more
Just a small reminder
Of what my be in store
Deepest regrets
For the killing and the gore

Postcard frokm Dachau
Surely will amuse
Your family and your friends
Especially the Jews
Saturday at temple
Will never be a bore
Just pass around the closeup
Of the crematory door

So I bought a healthy pile
Of assorted types of gore:
Corpses, piles of shoes
I knew who they were for
And to the corporations
Who act like Hitlers now
I mailed them all from Munich
With love,
from Dachau

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