Label: Dro
Cat. #: 022
Released: 1983

1. PP TAN SOLO "Quiero ser guitarra de Siniestro Total"
2. URGENTE "Radio Alicante Muerta"
3. ESPASMÓDICOS "Tí vete a cagar"
4. NO "Chalado"
5. N-634 "Masacre en Beirut"
6. KGB "Maroto"
7. SEGURIDAD SOCIAL "Algo pasa en tu cabeza"
8. KGB "Agradable sobremesa con una japonesa"
9. SEGURIDAD SOCIAL "Cuando a casa te desatar馱uot;
10. N-634 "Soy un loco anarquista, soy un loco antifascista"
11. URGENTE "Dispuestos a matar"
12. NO "Kaos"
13. CARNE DE PSIQUITRICO "No me gusta mi porvenir"
If you're into the faster, trashier side of things, you don't need to have it on your want list - leave the hard-to-get vinyl of this compilation for those who can also enjoy punk in it's primitively slower, simpler, aggressive'n'fun form. In other words, this is closer to London '77/UK82 then to Ian's DC and Springa's Boston.
Released in 1983 by the Spanish independant Dro, it provided crucial audio existance for the growing punk scene. Proof of that being the fact that the bands herein are from different corners of the Iberian peninsula and not just the two biggest cities, Madrid and Barcelona.
Espasmódicos first track is as good as the stuff on their 7" and 12" and it's probably one of the best tracks on the LP. I guess their sound is not so far from the "death rock" bands of LA circa 1981, althought more powerful - these mofo's could have kicked TSOL's asses any day. N.634 (aka Nacional.634) provide a cool, fast, 2-chord quasi HC tune calling world leaders on their shit ("Masacre en Beirut") and an anthem titled "Soy Un Loco Anarquista, Soy Un Loco Antifascista". As far as I know, they didn't release anything else, even though I sure hope they at least recorded a measly demo. KGB complete my elected triumvirate, executing a great Pistols imitation number ("Maroto") and another funny (at least if you understand Spanish), singalong track.
Urgente, Carne De Psiquiatra, PP Tan Solo (is it also C.D.P.?) & NO deliver more of the same nihilistic enjoyment. Even though it's not "instant classic" kind of stuff, they all grow on you. Ironically, the only band from this compilation who "made it" in the Spanish rock scene (Seguridad Social) provide the only superflous tracks. Too bad Dro didn't opt for Toreros After Ole or Siniestro Total, or other bands among many of the Spaniards who at that specific moment rocked harder.

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