Label: Riot City Records
Cat. #: ASSEMBLY 1
Released: 1982

1. VICE SQUAD "Coward"
2. ORGANISED CHAOS "Mary Whitehouse"
3. ABRASIVE WHEELS "Criminal Youth"
5. CHAOS UK "Senseless Conflict"
6. DEAD KATSS "Fun Wars"
7. RESISTANCE '77 "Bricks In Brixton"
8. HAVOC "Where Does Your Money Go"
9. VICE SQUAD "Its A Sell Out"
10. MAYHEM "Psycho"
11. THE EXPELLED "Blown Away"
12. T.D.A. "T.D.A."
13. UNDEAD "Sanctuary"
14. LUNATIC FRINGE "British Man"
15. CHAOTIK DISCHORD "(Glue) Accident"
Liner Notes:

(From the 1994 CD re-issue by Step-1 Music, written by Simon Edwards of Riot City Records, August, 1994)
Riotous Assembly was more of a necessity than an idea. During 1981 so many bands were springing up all over the UK, making demo tapes, doing gigs, and generally having a damned good rant at the world, that we (Riot City) were gently pursuaded into releasing a selection of these bands, together with a few more established Riot City bands.
Faced with the dilema of either having electrodes attached to our genitals, or hiring studio time and making a record, reluctantly we settled for the latter & Riotous Assembly became a reality.
The creation of this album turned out to be one of the highlights in Riot City's history - sorting through piles of tapes (received after a request was made via an article in Sounds) and deciding who should be considered was some task, some would inevitably be pissed off at not being included while others were probably pissed at being chosen!
The sleeve & promotional material featured a 'Riotous Assembly' achieved by a photo session involving as many of Bristol's punks as we could contact to meet at the regular hang-out outside Virgin Records in Bristol's Broadmead shopping centre one Saturday afternoon. 100+ turned up, flanked by the local constabulary (who has been informed of the gathering) and a good time was had by all not easy, organising a load of punks but great fun, after the photo's had been taken, the crowd slowly dispersed, much to the glee of many a troubled shopper...
Many of the bands featured on the LP later went on to record more work for Riot City Vice Squad, Abrasive Wheels, Undead, Expelled, Chaotik Dischord and not forgetting Chaos UK, who are still working hard today. Bands featured who remained relatively uknown were sadly to disappear after their one and only airing:
ORGANIZED CHAOS from Warminster, Wiltshire more renowned for its extra terrestrial occurances than for punk bands, the band's straight ahead no-nonsense style sadly didn't achieve their expectations, and vanished into a hail of UFO sightings shortly after the LP's release.
DEAD KATSS a colaboration of Vice Squad fan club and road crew personnel - this band were destined to be short lived. As Vice Squad's success grew, and time to practice etc. became hard to find. With a small number of gigs under their belt, they decided to call it a day and look after the big guys (and girl).
HAVOC came to our attention via a demo tape sent in from deepest Hampton in Middlesex. The band showed a lot of promise and cried out for inclusion on the LP little was known about them, and to our knowledge didin't continue making records.
T.D.A. crashed out of Rainham in Kent, with a great demo tape of 'Straight to the jugular' songs about problems of the day T.D.A. is still surprisingly relevent today.
LUNATIC FRINGE another highly respected Bristol band, who actually continued to record and gig regularly. Front man 'Bear' continues his high profile today, though this time not musically, but through the creation of the wonderful 'Bugs & Drugs' punkzine, arguably the best and most successful 'zine around today.
So, Riotous Assembly managed to achieve its purpose giving a number of unknown bands a voice, some continuing to shout for many years after. Punk lived, and twelve years later it still breathes the Assembly has far from dispearced.

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