Label: Maximum Rock'n'Roll
Cat. #: MRR 02
Released: 1984

2. OLHO SECO "Nada"
3. THE CRUCIFUCKS "Annual Report"
4. ELECTRIC DEADS "Fish In a Pool"
5. INFERNO "Perfkter Mensch"
7. N.O.T.A. "Propaganda Control"
8. ICONS OF FILTH "Evilspeak"
9. R.I.P. "Anti-Militar"
10. SKJIT-LARS "Verrückt In Der Kontrol-Zentrale"
11. RATTUS "Reaganin Joululanju"
12. RAW POWER "Fuck Authority"
13. THE BRISTLES "Don't Give Up"
14. DEPRESSION "What A Strange World"
15. B.G.K. "Computer Control"
16. THE STALIN "Chicken Farm"
17. FRITES MODERN "Je Bent Een uist In Mijn Nek"
18. U.B.R. "Harmonija"
19. MAYHEM "I Defy"
20. RED TIDE "Incubator Slide"
21. MORAL DEMOLITION "Police State"

The most important compilation ever? Easily this is one of the best and most essential. 23 bands from 17 countries, with only 2 being from the US, but with all 23 being awesome! If I were Santa Claus, I would deliver copies of this to all the bad little boys and girls all over the world, to get them off on the right foot of being bad. But is this the most imporant comp ever? I'll leave that to a more well versed thrashologist and just concentrate on some standout songs, though really all of these songs are great, classic punk.
Terveet Kadet and Ohlo Seco both start out with simple, pounding anthems with psychotic vocals. Even though I don't know Finnish or Portuguese, I'll still scream along with both bands choruses. When I first heard the Crucifucks cut on this comp, I cringed at the painfully snotty, hysterically ranting, whiny vocals, but now I love 'em, along with the right on lyrics and scrappy mid tempo punk that turns it from someone on a street corner, to a gnarly anthem for a world in the clutches of corporate and governmental power. OK.
Kidnap have one of the most catchiest Oi! or streetpunk, or singalong melodic punk tracks I've ever heard. I can imagine millions of drunk kids with mohawks across the world singing along to the songs simple refrain of "NO NO SS!" in their own accented English. Of course, I'm not thinking about that while the song is playing, cuz I'm singing along too fervently with my friends though I don't have a mohawk and don't drink. This song is perfectly followed up by NOTA, a whirlwind of HC that would even start a circle pit in Oklahoma of all places! I love this band! Watch out for dust!
RIP, from Spain, are one of the bands I'd never heard about before I heard this comp, and it's too bad. They play some Discharge/UK inspired HC and it rules. Did this band release anything else????
Depression unleash a song that is both throbbing and melodic, another fist pounder! The Stalin's "Chicken Farm" (or "Animal Farm") is a raucous, barn burner (ahem) song that has some incredibly thought-provoking metaphorical lyrics, well, at least the English translation. Some zine I just read described the Stalin as "if your favorite D-beat band played Gang of Cour covers". That description is almost right on the money, but this isn't as discordant as Gang of Four. Unique and classic punk!
U.B.R. from Yugoslavia, thrash out a tune that reminds me of a less distorted Confuse or some other Japanese noisy thrash band! Noisy, harsh, fast...damn this is good! I wonder if this band was from a different country, would they have lasted or become more well known? Their demo tape has just been released on vinyl by the Japanese label Crust War, which makes sense to me. Can't wait to hear it.
Raw Power, Rattus, and BGK all have awesome tracks on this and those bands are deserving of all the attention they get, so I'll just say that, if you like those bands, you'll love the songs they have on here. If you don't like them, you need to hear this for the other bands, and if you haven't heard any of these bands, drop me a line and I'll tape this comp for ya, cuz like I said, it's essential.

One of the first couple international compilations to come out, where Life Is A Joke covers world punk as it is, this LP covers the scene more as it "should be" - more political with a "spirit of independence and resistance" in every cut. Overall a very worthy album.
-Al Flipside, from Flipside #43, 1984

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