Band History from the Ingen Fattig, Ingen Rike LP liner notes, Discography compiled by Bård/Tore

Kafka Prosess When Svart Framtid fell to pieces sometime in 84 or 85 we immediately formed Kafka Prosess. Nilz (guitar), Fridtjoff (bass) and Gunnar (vocals) all came from Svart Framtid. Stian (guitar 1) used to play in Blindt Hat and our drummer Thomas used to beat the drums in Bannlyst. In our two years of existence we made one split LP with Disorder, were on several compilations, toured in England, did two German tours, were a part of a very active and creative period of the European D.I.Y. HC scene. Played with great bands like: Negazione, B.G.K., Heresy, Scream, Artless, Rôvsvett, Asta Kask.

The reason for breaking up the band was mainly due to different musical ideas. Nilz went on with Raga Rockers, a straight rock band who got very big in Norway. I went on with So Much Hate. Thomas endend up in Stengte Dører. Fridtjoff was driving Stengte Dører around Europe in for years and Stian gave up the guitar and started to play Drums in Within Range.

A big thank you goes to Kleister for never giving up on me and making this record possible. He just refused to let us rest in peace. Stefan for helping out with translations. Lo spirito continua.

May 2000


DISORDER/KAFKA PROSESS split LP (Disorder Records, 1985)


INGEN FATTIG, INGEN RIKE LP (Skuld, 2000 - has their demo, split, and compilation tracks)


NÅ ELLER ALDRI 7" (X-Port Plater, 1984) "Hun Lever Ikke Lenger"

LOV & ORDEN tape (Den Onde Sirkel, 1986) "Skyldig", "Ingen Vits Å Gråte"

TSJERNOBILLY BOOGIE LP (Humbug Productions/Snack Ohm Tapes, 1987) "Ingen Fattige, Ingen Rike", "90-Åra"

VIVA UMKHONTO! LP (Mordam/Konkurrel, 1987)

NETWORK OF FRIENDS vol. 2 2LP (Plastic Bomb/Ataque Sonoro, ?) "Ingen Fattige, Ingen Rike"