Dead Ends

Discography compiled by Phil Go, Band History adapted from the Dead Ends Website

Dead Ends was formed in early 1985 by Al Dimalanta on guitar and his brother Jay on bass. Completing the lineup was drummer Rouen Pascual. Later that year, the band released their first album, Complaints, on the Philippines' premier underground punk label Twisted Red Cross. The title track was also included on Twisted Red Cross' Brave New World Live! compilation tape.

The band's second album, titled Second Coming, was released in 1986. The next year, Dead Ends recruited drummer Harley Alarcon, and with him recorded their third album, Damned Nation. However, by the end of the 1980's, the declining state of the local punk scene prompted the band's split. Al continued with his work as a high school English and Journalism teacher. Jay continued his studies while doing session work in a number of short-lived bands.

The brothers Dimalanta reformed Dead Ends in 1994 with guitarist Lourd de Veyra and drummer Bong Montojo, and the band headed off in a thrash-metal direction. Their fourth and final album, Mamatay sa Ingay, was released in 1995. All the lyrics were sung in Tagalog (the native language of the Philippines), and several songs ended up on local independent music charts (and one was included on a compilation album called L.A. Rock, the Album).

Sadly, Jay Dimalanta passed away in his sleep on November 25, 1996, officially signalling the demise of Dead Ends. Al and Lourd continued on, forming a new band called Throw with Lourd's brother, Francis, on bass.


COMPLAINTS tape (Twisted Red Cross, 1985)

SECOND COMING tape (Twisted Red Cross, 1986)

DAMNED NATION tape (Twisted Red Cross, 1987)



BRAVE NEW WORLD - LIVE! tape (Twisted Red Cross, 1985) "Complaints"

FATAL RESPONSE tape (Twisted Red Cross, 1986) "New Life", "Don't Drop Your Guns"

TOUR DE FARCE PART 3 LP (Empty, 1989) "Second Coming"


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This site has a short history of the band, a discography, sound files, and several photos (one of which was used on this page).

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