WET ZA WET LP (New Wave, 1986)


WET ZA WET tape (Melissa, 1991)

WET ZA WET CD (Pop Noise, 2001 - has the first LP plus bonus tracks)


WALCZ O SWOJA WOLNOSC 7" EP (Bydloszcz, 1996)

NIE DO POZNANIA 7" EP (HC Pzpr, 1999)


FALA LP (Polton, 1985) "Kto"

JAK PUNK TO PUNK LP (Tonpress, 1986) "Wet za wet", "Kto?"




Band History compiled by Pawel Scream

The band was formed in 1982 in Bydgoszcz, out of the ashes of Stadtguerilla, Remont and Azyl, first under the name of Partyzantka Miejska ("Urban Guerilla"), which soon got changed to Abaddon. The original line up consisted of: Wolf - vocals, Beniu (Bernard Szarafinski) - guitar, Lutek (Tomasz Frost) - bass and Perelka (Tomek Dorn) - drums. Their first big show took place at the Jarocin Festival in 1983. Shortly afterwards, two days before a show in Poznan, Wolf left the band to focus on his studies, so the vocal duties were taken over by good friend of the band named Kiki (Waldek Jedyczowski) who had been helping them with "management" kind of work. He was supposed to sing just till they found a real replacement for Wolf, but happened to be in the the band till its demise...

Abaddon With this line up Abaddon played two more times at the Jarocin fest (1984 and 1985) and became one of the most popular punk bands in Poland. One of their songs, recorded there in 1985 ("Kto?") appeared on the legendary Fala compilation LP. But meanwile a more important event for band's history occured. Playing a gig in Znin, they met a Yugoslavian journalist, Peter Barbaric, who arranged six-day tour for them (shows in Zagreb, Izola, Beograd and two gigs in Ljubliana), which was a big success. They earned enough cash to finance a recording session in Ljubliana's Borutcine Studio. Thus, in May 1985 they recorded one of the best Polish album ever, the Wet Za Wet LP put out next year by New Wave Records from France. Obviously the record wasn't possible to get in Poland, so most of the Polish punks had just a tape copy of it. Three years later two songs off that LP appeared on the Jak Punk To Punk compilation LP.

But before that, in 1987 the band members got into conflict - some of them wanted to play heavier hardcore while the others prefered to change the style to more melodic punk. That became the cause of Abaddon's split. Most of the members stopped playing music at all with the exception of Tomek Dorn (Perelka) who joined local cold wave band, Variete in 1989.

Abaddon And strangely enough Tomek Dorn reformed the band together with the singer Kiki and two new members: Wladek Refling (bass) and Zwierzak (guitar). They played the first show with this line up in June 2001 and still exist playing shows in Poland and Germany. Recently I heard a rumour of Abaddon's short US tour in August 2003 (two shows at CBGBs, New York and two in Chicago) where they were supposed to record a live album. I am not sure if that really happened, but the e-mail from the label said it was going to start the following day... After that tour they would supposedly recorded a new studio album. I didn't see them live to say how good or bad it is after reforming (I must admit I didn't like any of those old Polish bands' reunions), but I heard only positive opinions so far. The Wet Za Wet album was re-issued on CD by Pop Noise Records in 2001 with four bonus songs (three of them live and all four of them were on the bootleg 7"s) on it.