from Riot zine #6, 1993

Anti Cimex - No metal, no funk, no death. Just plain Discharge type hardcore just the way it was meant to be.

Riot: How long have Anti Cimex been around? What has given you the motivation to last so long? What have been the high points and low points during your time in the band?

Cliff: Cimex's been around since 1981, with a "short" break between '87-'89. The original guitar player dropped out in '86 after the UK tour and I went up to Göteborg (from Malmö/south Sweden) and rehearsed with Cimex for a week, then I got back to Malmö again to play with my own band (Black Uniforms) again, then in '89 we started to play new songs (with Cimex) and I got back to GBG for rehearsals and in '90 we recorded the "Absolut Country of Sweden" LP. The only motivation to last is the motivation to play this kind of music, I guess. With my 4 years in the band the high point must be our gig in Fagersta at this big music festival in the summer of 1990 with bands like 999, Morbid Angel, Union Carbide, Pestilence, etc... lots of people and well promoted. The low point must be when we promised to play at Hultsfred festival but 2 weeks before the event, the organizers told us we wouldn't. To tour Finland was also a high point for me.

Riot: When did you first get into punk/hardcore? Which bands have influenced you and who are you into at the moment? Would it be fair to say that Discharge (thankfully their killer early stuff!) have been a major influence on Anti Cimex?

Cliff: I got into punk in '78 while listening to bands like The Damned, Pistols, etc. Later on in was very much bands like Bad Brains, Discharge and GBH that influenced me. Today I still listen to old Discharge, GBH but not the newer stuff, it sux. I also enjoy Bathory, Motorhead, Skitlickers, Perukers... along with Chaos UK and Finnish HC (ala '82). You can say that Discharge've been an influence on Anti Cimex, right.

Riot: Are you or any of the band vegetarian? If so, what led this decision? Is animal rights am important cause? Do you support the actions of the ALF?

Cliff: None of us are vegetarians. Animal rights is like human rights, none of us have any. But yeah, itís an important cause. We don't support the ALF money Ė wise, but we do agree with what they're doing for the animals.

Riot: Does any of the band go to school or work? What do you do outside of Anti Cimex? Is there a healthy punk/hardcore movement in Sweden at present? What good bands are there in Sweden at the moment? Are there many 'zines there?

Cliff: No one goes to school and no one works! Charlie (drums) used to work in a kitchen and Lefty (bass) used to work at Volvo, I haven't had a job for 3 years and Freke (vocals) has not been working for 10 years... what do I do outside of Cimex? Well, nothin' much lately, answering letters doin' songs, drinkin', drinkin' and drinkin'. There isn't anything happening in the punk scene at the moment, but there's some good bands on the way I think. Dischange are releasing an LP soon, Perukers are on the way with a 7" with covers of Varukers, Discharge and Skitlickers, G-Anx are also cool, music wise it's good but there's no gigs. The only 'zine I know of that's good here is "Sikaapara" a real punk ala '83 'zine with all Discharge records reviewed in every issue!!!? Punk Rock!

Riot: Why do you sing in English as opposed to Swedish? Wouldn't be easier to sing in your native language?

Cliff: I think it's very hard to make Swedish sound good, it turns out corny in a way, back in '83 when I played in Moderat Likvidation we had lyrics in Swedish, it sounded good then, but today I don't know, I donít like reading Japanese lyrics while I'm listening to Crocodile Skink, do you? (Riot: Actually I think it's cool. Why should they sing in a foreign language? Why should anyone for that matter? Don't get it)

Riot: You know already from Riot #5 that I hate CDs, but what do you think about them? Do you own a CD player? How do you feel about the increasing demise of vinyl?

Cliff: I don't like CDs and I don't own any either, but it seems that I have to get one in the near future because soon everything will be on CD. I like vinyl, as it is, but what the fuck can I do?

Riot: What's the dumbest or funniest thing you've done when drunk? What's Swedish beer like (other than expensive!)?

Cliff: The dumbest? When I took my car when I was really pissed and 18 yrs old and just got my driving license and drove around in the city on the sidewalks and got nicked by the police and got one month in jail and they took my license, so I had to get a new one after 18 months, after that I always drive drunk!! Do funny things every time I drink, but I don't remember them, people tell me afterwards... Swedish beer is OK, but expensive as you say, itís cheaper with Moonshine.

Riot: What are the future plans of Anti Cimex? Are you ever going to tour the UK again? What stuff do you have available and where can people get it all from?

Cliff: We're awaiting the release of our new LP/CD called "Scandinavian Jawbreaker" on Discipline/Vinyl Japan. It contains 12 songs, and this time we included the lyrics. It'll be out any day now I hope, then we'll see. If anyone offers us a UK tour and it's well organized, we'll take it! But how many tours are well organized, huh???

Riot: Please ask me a question and then add everything else you want to say. Thanks a million Cliff!

Cliff: The question: Do you have the Abrasive Wheels LP "When the Punks Go Marching In" with lyric sheet?? What do you think of it? Give it to me? Ha ha! That's all Joe, take care.

Riot: Sorry Cliff, but I haven't got the LP! I hope that someone who reads this fancies organizing a UK tour!?

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