Label: Taang! Records
Released: 2001

1. Punk's Not Dead
2. Army Life
3. Fuck a Mod
4. Barmy Army
5. Dogs of War
6. Dead Cities
7. Sex and Violence
9. Daily News
10. Dole Q
11. I Still Believe in Anarchy
12. God Save the Queen
13. Psycho
14. Blown to Bits
15. Insanity
16. SPG
17. Jimmy Boyle
18. Fuck the USA
19. Attack
20. Rival Leaders
21. Crashed Out
22. What you Gonna Do
23. Class War
24. Alternative
25. Computer's Don't Blunder
26. Addiction
27. Hitler's in the Charts Again

What a mess! While this has all the early singles from the EXPLOITED, they are presented in no particular order at all, which makes for a rocky listen- the different sounds and recordings don't mesh at all. My favorite EXPLOITED stuff has always been Troops of Tomorrow, and the Alternative and Dead Cities singles. Unlike DISCHARGE, the EXPLOITED re-used songs from their singles on the LPs, so in one sense, this *does* have all their good songs from the period before Horror Epics. However, the very early, '77 style songs like "Fuck a Mod" and "Army Life" sound horrible when placed in the midst of the more aggressive (self-styled "Real Punk" style) later singles.
To make the obvious pun, it is the customer here who is "totally exploited." This collection defies all logic of track-ordering, and begs you to spend 10 minutes programming your CD player to play it in a chronological order. Because the liner notes are virtually non-existant, you would be better off burning a CD-R of the singles in their entirety (although the first two 7"s are pretty weak). The EXPLOITED were a great band at one point, but you'd never know it from this baffling endeavor.
For newcomers to this classic band, or people who accidently bought this collection, here is the good EXPLOITED music, and trust me, it's all you need for a real "best of":
Dead Cities 7" + Attack/Alternative 7" + Troops of Tomorrow LP: AVAILABLE on the Troops... CD reissue
Horror Epics LP
Jesus is Dead 12" (for the song "Privacy Invasion" alone!)

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