Label: Dischord Records
Cat. #: Dischord 11
Released: 1983

1. Aware
2. Say No More
3. Limitations
4. No Choice
5. Untitled
6. Subject to Change
7. More of the Same
8. Slowdown

When the Faith put out this EP in 1983 it marked a critical evolution in the sound of DC hardcore and punk music in general. Alec MacKaye's voice is still as bitterly venomous as ever on the lead track "Aware," but the new dual guitar version of Faith was a far cry musically from the tracks on the Void split. As the record progresses things get even more dynamic. "Say No More" finds Alec near-singing, and ends with four hand claps. Also, rather than snarling that he wants to make society bleed, he drops lines like "It's a feeling coming from your heart. Don't want to stop it just want to know how it starts." This amazing record (along with the previous year's LPs by Scream and Marginal Man) paved the way for bands like Dag Nasty, Rites of Spring, and obviously Embrace who would continue to combine desperate introspective lyrics with angry, melody-tinged songwriting that moved even further from the hardcore formula. It should be noted that this is far from a transitional record. The eight songs on Subject to Change are totally complete and powerful, and never get old for me. The scene, however, was about to raze itself and start again from scratch. This record, in its music, lyrics, and especially the title song, was a forecast of the great things to come.

Like other great D.C. records, this one is released after the band is broken up. Which is sad because this is a great record, not only because of its heavy, melodious (but not poppy, in fact punk) sound, but because there are some great personal, introspective lyrics here. Things you can really relate to.
-Al Flipside, from Flipside #43, 1984

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