Antidote were one of those early NYHC bands who put one stellar single and then disappeared, leaving the glory to less dazzling acts like Warzone or AF. Their Thou Shalt Not Kill EP was self-released in 1983. The drummer, Arthur, had played with the Misfits, and John Bloodclot does back-ups on "The Real Deal," but this is actually an early NYC band that is important for the music and not the scenesters who were in it. See the Thou Shalt Not Kill page for info on its sketchy lyrics. Antidote got back together in the late 80's/early 90's and put out a full-length record, but the magic of that early line-up was lost.

A bit of trivia about "later" Antidote: their late 80's singer, Drew Stone, who's originally from New Hampshire, played in the early Boston hardcore band the Mighty CO's. He moved to NYC and was in a band called The High and The Mighty before joining Antidote. He's now a film and video maker.


THOU SHALT NOT KILL EP (Antidote, 1983)

RETURN TO BURN LP (Metropolis/SMD, 1990)


Lyrics for Thou Shalt Not Kill