NOTE: I didn't write the following COC piece; I got it from a website that's no longer up, and since I myself don't know much about COC and this is a good piece of writing addressing their "hardcore years", I put it up here. I think it's originally from something called "All Star News"...
Woody Weatherman was only 15 years old when his father took him to see his first live band. It was at an old hardcore club in Raleigh, North Carolina and the headlining act that night was seminal punk act Black Flag. It had a lasting effect. "I remember just standing there with my mouth open," Weatherman recalls. "There were only about 15 people in the crowd, but the band was going incredibly wild; there was just so much energy flying off the stage. I remember Greg Ginn's amp blowing up: there was smoke and all this shit coming out of it, so they started fucking with it and turning knobs and soldering stuff and then BOOM ! They got right back into it. And I thought, God, the amp blew up and they just kept on going. It changed my life." A few days later, his father (a folk musician) gave him his first guitar: an old Gibson. Unfortunately for Woody, it was an acoustic. "The problem was, I couldn't make enough noise with that thing." he laughs, "So I immediately traded it in for a Gibson electric."
A week later, he hooked up with high school buddy Reed Mullin (who had just bought a drum set), named "the group" Corrosion Of Conformity, and set out to make it what he called "the fastest band in the land." 15 years later, C.O.C. is neither the fastest band in the land, nor the biggest but they've got something most bands don't: staying power. And that's despite the fact that the band has gone through several lineup changes (usually revolving around vocalists), different styles (they've shape-shifted from hardcore to a punk/metal hybrid to a Black Sabbath-like plod to raw, blues-based rock) and various labels (Metal Blade, Relativity, Columbia Records and currently lookin' to make a new deal).
C.O.C. started out at the forefront of the hardcore scene in 1984 with Eye For An Eye (opening for bands such as Minor Threat, the Dead Kennedys and DOA), and quickly branched out with '85's Animosity and '87's Technocracy, both confrontational-edged albums with a social/political slant that earned praise from both the metal and punk camps. All of a sudden, they were fusing styles so completely, crossover no longer became an issue.
1990's Blind saw them adding guitarist Pepper Keenan and releasing the successful single, "Vote With a Bullet," a song that combined the idealism of hardcore with the monster riffage of Black Sabbath. In 1994, Keenan took over lead vocals and the band fell into the mainstream with Deliverance, a raw and greasy over-amped affair with songs that were actually hummable ("Albatross," "Clean My Wounds").

COC w/ Benji


EYE FOR AN EYE LP (No Core, 1984)

ANIMOSITY LP (Death, 1985)

TECHNOCRACY 12" (Metal Blade, 1987)

SIX SONGS WITH MIKE SINGING: 1985 12" (Caroline, 1988)

BLIND LP (Relativity, 1991)

MAD WORLD 7" (Anti Core, early demo recordings)

DELIVERANCE (Sony, 1994)

WISEBLOOD (Sony, 1996)



NO CORE tape (No Core, 1982)

WHY ARE WE HERE? EP (No Core, 1983) "Poison Planet", "Indifferent", "Too Cool"

BIRTH DEFECT tape (1983)

EMPTY SKULLS tape (1984) "Poison Planet", "Eye For An Eye"

CLEANSE THE BACTERIA LP (Pusmort, 1985) "Kiss of Death" ("Prayer" on Bonus 12")

THRASHER SKATEROCK vol. 3 tape (Thrasher/High Speed, 1985) "What", "Not For Me", "Citizen"

EMPTY SKULLS vol. 2 LP (Fartblossom, 1986) "Center of the World", "Eye for an Eye", "Negative Outlook"

COMPLETE DEATH LP (Metal Blade/Death, 1986)

LIFE IS A JOKE vol. 2 LP (Weird System, 1986) "Eye for an Eye"

FLIPSIDE VINYL FANZINE vol. 3 LP (Gasatanka, 1987) "Intervention"

RAT MUSIC FOR RAT PEOPLE vol. 3 LP (CD Presents, 1987)



Lyrics for Eye for an Eye and Animosity

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