The Tiresome and Typical Story of F
(from the liner notes in the "You Are An E.P." reissue)

The band F - no one seems to have a credible justification for the name - was formed in 1982 and released their first 12-inch record You Are An E.P. a year later. Prior to its release, the band broke up into two bands - one punk rock and the other '70s-style heavy metal - with the same name and performing the same songs in their respective styles.
This miniscule controversy - as well as a number of childish and unfriendly pranks - brought the band to the attention of the South Florida scene. For an effect probably not half as comical as they thought at the time, the band adopted the newly minted straight edge pose, complete with Xs etc., while drinking heavily and behaving like spoiled, self-destructive, carnivorous swine.
Upon the pressing of 1,500 copies of this record in 1983, no less than 200 of the records were smashed with hammers and against walls by the band and attendees at the practice/show. Such was their idea of a punk rock record release party. Calling the police on their own shows was another party favorite, and they delighted in their last show in Fort Lauderdale where the police actually made arrests instead of the usual simple harrassment.
The band toured twice outside of Florida, both times with White Flag - althought their t-shirts and interviews indicated they had toured with the Ramones.
The band consisted of U.S. Ken "The Duke" Decter, John "John Galt" Golf Jr., Eddie Nothing and alternating drummers Ravenous "Mike Hasson" Gangrene and Pete Moss. Tim Swingle also played bass early on.
The Duke moved to California and played solo under that moniker and as guitar-man for the Ex-Idols. John is a financial planner in South Florida and Eddie (who also played for the Gay Cowboys in Bondage) is now a bill collecter in Tampa. Rav has not been heard of in some time, and Pete won't ever be again, as he died in mid-1997 while abusing some straight-edge heroin. (Rest in peace, Pete.)
[Note: Someone wrote to the website to say that this is incorrect; Pete Moss committed suicide in 1997]
In the early 1990s, the F-Boys appeared in South Florida, having no other connection with the band than their name. And then, following their example, F, The Band Formerly Known as the John Birch Society were born in Gainesville in 1994 and released a fine e.p. "Die You Stupid Hippies."

by Phil Blumel


YOU ARE AN EP (Intendo Distorto, 1983)

PEACE split LP w/ WHITE FLAG (Starving Missle, 1985)

MESS YOU UP EP (Mystic, 1988)


YOU ARE AN EP (Burrito, has original EP and one extra track)


THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT (Open, 1982) "Three Car Collision"

FLIPSIDE VINYL FANZINE LP (Gasatanka/Enigma, 1984) "Attack"


FOUR BANDS THAT COULD CHANGE THE WORLD LP (Gasatanka, 1987) "Rodney Piper's Rowdy Hearts Club Band", "The Yellow Corn Boy", "I Got a Right", "Philler In my Head"

FIVE BANDS THAT COULD CHANGE THE WORLD LP (Funhouse, 1987) "Rodney Piper's Rowdy Hearts Club Band", "Pray to Cob", "Yellow Corn Boy"


Lyrics to the EP

Interview from Flipside #43
A short interview from 1984. Thanks to Rich for lending me the zine.

Sound Idea Distribution
Sound Idea reissued the You Are An EP recently, with one extra track from the same session. The F History on this page is from the liner notes to the reissue.

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Someone from this band wrote to me with this link, I'm not sure if the band is either one of the F's that were around in the 80's or another band altogether... well anyway the site's kind of funny.