from Flipside #43, 1984

Interview with the band "F" by Bill Bartell...
F is probably the most popular Florida punk rock band, with the likes of Sector 4 and Gay Cowboys in Bondage running a close second and third. Their '77 style hardcore is powerful and their lyrics harsh and meaningful, even though they may seem tongue-in-cheek at times. This interview is with guitarist Ugly Stupid Ken Decter and vocalist John Galt, who is also known as Phil.

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FS: So your EP is finally out, why was it delayed?

Ken: It's too much work to make records, we're too lazy and pathetic. We fuck around too much, we did it all wrong to begin with, but we finally got it out, it's already sold the first two thousand or so and we had to press more, which was too much work.

FS: What's the scene in Florida like?

Phil: Lots of pompous punk rock losers, quite a few lesbians, just like punk rock everywhere else.

Ken: Why is it so many punk rock girls are lesbians?

FS: Well, aren't the members of F gay?

Ken: Well, Eddie isn't and we don't have a drummer right now, so I can't speak for him. It's really just Phil and I.

FS: Do you ever get hassled for being openly gay and in a band?

Phil: Well we don't kiss in public if that's what you're asking.

Ken: It's funny, we don't have sex at all. It's like we know we don't like girls, and we're quite fond of each other, but we've never kissed or anything. I guess we're not ready for it, we're neutered, we have no sex at all.

Phil: I'm saving myself for marriage!

FS: You're pro-Reagan, aren't you?

Phil: Yes, and anti-drugs. Reagan is cool, in our record we have a list of hysterical things he does in public, like falling asleep during the Pope's speech, how can you help but love the guy?

Ken: He's the coolest, way more happening than Nixon ever was.

FS: What are the good bands?

Phil: They all suck.

FS: Including you?

Ken: I don't know. Punk sucks, I hate punks.

FS: If punk sucks and you hate punks, why are you in a punk band and getting popular?

Ken: Well I'm a fool I guess, like I guess slamming is in our blood, kind of like Salmon going upstream to spawn.

Phil: Punks are a cult where even losers like us can be cool. If you're proud of being a derelict drunk scum you've really got something wrong with you. (Laughter)

FS: Future plans?

Ken: Well a full LP and a tour, the song on the Flipside album "Attack" is like our newer stuff, the rest of the EP except for "No" is almost 2 years old! I told you we're a bunch of fuck ups, we need a Hitler to tell us what to do. I wish Ian MacKaye would manage us.

FS: Any last words?

Phil: Let's just say if you have any of the major punk records or the early eighties or late seventies you own a record made by a queer! (Laughter)

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