from Flipside #36, December 1982

Ok, all you people are out there bitching about how fucked the Misfits are - but do you bother to ask their side of the story? Nooooooo, you just kick them when they're down like the mindless geks you pretend to be so against. Shit, haven't you ever been pissed off! It's not the first time someone ever hit anyone with a guitar, like when Sid did it, it was cool, right? Well here's a chat with the Misfits on that particular subject. If you are the kid who got hit, we'd like to hear your side of the story, but that's all - no more eyewitness accounts because that's just stirring up the mud.

Al: So what happened that night?

Glen: Well basically it's just that... that... it got really out of hand. For ALL the bands on the bill. They were throwing beer cans at us, and our drummer jumped into the audience and a lot of kids jumped on top of him. It was either break it up or fuck our tour, so you know, that was the course we took.

Al: And there was an el Cabong, was that really necessary?

Glen: Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't, what would anybody else do in that situation? It's a split second thing. That whole situation was fucked. We did the whole country and we come here and they think it's the cool thing to throw beer cans. It happened to all the bands, Fear went up there and got a lot of shit, you know, we don't take that kind of shit. We don't care what anybody else thinks, it's just what we do, if we don't want anybody throwing shit at us that's it, fine, what do I gue two fucks if that makes us rock art or something, we don't care. Well they say it's not that we like you or not but here in Frisco we throw beer cans at everybody, well fuck you. Not empty beer cans either, that's still fucked, but full ones.

Al: Doyle (Doyle did the deed), what was that particular doing?

Doyle: He was fucking with us that's all.

Glen: He (Googy) was going down, there were just like fists all over we did get a lot of support after the gig, no matter what you read in all the yellow journalism magazines, there were just like 20-25 assholes who wanted to fuck with us, who wanted to fuck with anybody that night. They fucked with the other bands and the other bands jusd did their set, fine. Now if Googy didn't jump in, but Googy did jump in because he got pissed off at some beer can and it was not cool enough to have jsut that one person fight with him, a little riot had to develop.

Al: Well that kid was an instigator...

Doyle: Fuck he was the one that started it...(garbled)...

Glen: There's a lot of shit that goes with it, with that contingent, like rumors that we raped a 13 year old girl at gunpoint, all this other bullshit...

Al: Is there still a lawsuit against you guys?

Glen: No, I talked to someone about it last night and they said the lady was just forgetting it. If anything did happen we might have had to pay for the hospital bills but even then they have to sue the club first I think. That guy who just put us on at Florentine, (Wes) told us that they have to sue him. And they don't really have a case because the kid was provoking the band by throwing beer cans. I forget what the law term is called, but anyway it's old shit. We've only gotten two bad letters about it, the rest have been more T-shirt orders. A lot of guys hit people in the head with guitars it's just that night - I'm not saying it's cool to hit people with guitars - we were just singled out for it. I mean Johnny Thunders killed someobdy with his guitar, and Flipper, Frisco's heartthrob had jsut hit somebody with a guitar just before we got there. I don't know why we were singled out, maybe because we're form N.Y. Saying "it smells of record compny" when we give out buttons and shit we pay for that ourselves, we paint our amps, we pay for that, WHAT record company? Slash has done nothing fr us but put the album out, we recorded it, it's bullshit.

Al: I guess you saw that cartoon in Maximum Rock and Roll.

Doyle: I thought it was cool.

Glen: Yeah, at least we got dicks instead of cunts ya know!

Al: Ok, enough, hey Robo!! How do you like the Misfits?

Robo: Great band, really good band. I'm really glad I'm in it.

Al: That's it.

Robo: That's it.

Al: Are you gonna grow a Devil Lock?

Robo: Well if it grows it grows!

Al: Are they different from Black Flag?

Robo: A bit yeah.

Al: Like how?

Robo: Song-wise, but it's still energy...

Al: No mreo break-neck touring...

Robo: Well we haven't done too much heavy touring YET, but we plan to. At this point we have to start touring to survive.

Doyle: Yeah, everbody now is not working.

Glen: THis is like our first big tour where we don't just hit one region and htne go home. Tell all the fiend club members that that live EP will be out really soon, soon as we get back we'll have some money.

Al: How many in the fiend club?

Glen: Last time you said 100 and it was like 500, and there's a lot more now so it's getting hectic - that's another thing, I don't know who hates us in Frisco cause all's we get is t-shirt orders!

Al: Is Robo doing good?

Glen: Oh yeah! Except "Robo, four beats instead of three!" (laughter)

Al: Most drumemrs are never even noticed, but Robo is like...

Glen: We played in D.C. before Robo and this kid jumps on stage and opens his jacket and his shirt says "Robo is God" and then he jumps down! (laughter and husteria, Robo turns red)

Al: Why Robo why?

Robo: I don't know. There's a Robo fan club in uh Lansing! (more laughter)

Glen: It's his shorts. We never even thought of getting Robo as a drummer, Black Flag had suggested it but I thought he gave up drumming. Then one day I got this phone call "Waas goeing ahn". (more laughter) So we flew him out and that was it, it's working out good. (The rest of this interview was talk about George Germain - which is quite a long story - you would have to ask the Misfits.)

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