Die Kreuzen Lyrics

You can see
Changes going on
Could we change things too
Even if we really tried
My job my pay
Do they really mean a thing
My life the way I think
Could that really do it all
Sometimes in my sleep
My brain dreams me too deep
Lands of war and death
Lands of hate and mistrust
Don't you know my dreams
They're all too very clear
Don't you know my dreams
They only speak the truth that you fear

The light shines on
And we see all the dumb faces
All your lives and memories
Will leave no truths or traces
You don't believe
In the truths we've told
So get lost
You listen to their laws
You listen to what they say
Listen now you will obey
Damn those
That stand in your path
Violence will rule
Clattering down upon you
You listen to what they say
They're forced upon you
So you obey
Don't forget what we say
'Cause we mean it
Don't be blind
And let them lead you away
Lead them away
Remember this wisp of hope
And strength will be felt
You'll feel it
No path of right or wrong
With our army thousands strong
Very strong with this hope

You ain't so cool
I really can't take it
You've got an ugly face
And you know I'm gonna break it
'Cause I don't hear what you say
And I don't care what you're here for
Fucking hippies and fucking jocks
Talking shit man you don't know where it's at
After school
We're all together
Hanging out
Look our way
And we're gonna punch your face out

We're not even friends
We don't even talk
My presence isn't
You don't even know me
You spread lies about me
I've heard it before you're
The same old problem
You hang around
You bring everyone down
With all your gossip and all
Your rumors
I know your type
I don't go for your jipe
I'm tired of you
You're the same old problem

You're on the street
Way down below
Mother's calling don't make her fret
Father's stick will hit you yet
On your way home just going to bed
You look at me wrong I'll kick you in the head
No sense in fighting
No sense in dying
No right for you
No wrong for me
See how nice we live
Together so happily

Lots of jerks are passing me by
People I meet I say goodbye
You're too much for me I can't handle
This race of champs is gonna pass you by
Nothing to say nothing to do
If you're so slow don't follow me
I don't want you here and I don't want you there
Just leave me alone
What happens to you I really don't care
I don't care
Enemies for me and you are too
You don't understand there's no need for you
If you crawl in your corner you'll die
If you take another punch
You'll be the fool

I'm not causing any trouble
I just got caught in the middle
I don't understand why you treat me this way
I'm just lookin' for fun
I've had little
Better leave me alone or I'll get 'em someday
I'll find 'em
I'm gonna shut the door and lock you out
I don't want your ugly mess in my face
They're on a dive
They'll take you with
You'll go the hard way
I'll find 'em
Fighting for our lives is all we know
In the city there's no room
For the small to grow
Fast and clever and strong are we
Those rich and wealthy they must know
There's no room for them and they must go
So watch out

Time has run out
And you can't see why
Can't understand
You won't even try
Stupid stupid person
Your head's turned around
Facing the wall
You still can't see
No one's there
You just don't care
There was never time for you
There ain't none left for me

In my room
There's no windows
In my room
Walls ceiling and floor
In my room
It's all white
Let me out
Gonna run and hide
Let me out
In my room

You can't go on much longer that way
You won't go on much longer that way
You're all too sane
It's painful pain
It's time you went insane
You will go insane
You thought you'd do me in
You tried to do me in
But I kicked you in the teeth
Now you're hurting so bad
It's always a painful day
Always in every way

I'm sick of all these people
They're really full of it
Their troubles never end
And they think they're so cool
They just sit around at home
Act so debone
They say they can't stand it
But they never do anything about it
Do this and do that
And you'll be cool
Don't talk to me that way
I ain't no fool
All those jerks they really crack it
I don't think I can handle it
I hate people just like you

It's not so dramatic
I ain't no fool
You're the fanatic
And you ain't so cool
You're so depressed
'Cause I'm no fun
You're so nervous 'cause
You're brain's gonna explode
I ain't so stupid
I ain't so dumb
You can hate me
'Cause I've got you down
It's not so dramatic
I ain't no fool
You're the fanatic
You ain't so cool
You're so depressed
'Cause I'm no fun
Just go home
'Cause we don't want you here

Live wires in your brain
They make you scream
Live wires in your body
Don't hold back
Live wires untapped energy
Turn it loose
Bare wires are your brain
You feel no pain
Bare wires burning bright
Let loose
Have some fun
Fuck the way you live
Don't it make you mad
No food no job
Don't it make you mad
Let loose man
Have some fun
There ain't any reason for you anymore
Get outta here
Get outta my front door
I know you can't be trusted
To hang out alone
Your attitude stinks
As well as your tone
You've gone too far
I can't take it anymore
You can't ruin it for me
I'll even the score
There ain't any reason for your life anymore
Get outta mine fucker
Leave me alone
Always on my back and always on my mind
Don't talk about me, I'll get you from behind
You can't ruin me, no not anymore
You can't ruin me 'cause I'll beat you to the floor

Downtown where it's cold and blue
Shops and bars but nothing to do
In a window to my surprise
Such a gorgeous girl
With cold blue eyes
In my lonely bed
2 O'Clock 3
Time can't stop, won't wait for me
I think of her and I just can't sleep
3:30 I can't take no more
I make my way downtown
In the window there's my surprise
It's that plastic girl that caught my eye
I steal her from her glass plated prison
And take her home for my vision
What a gorgeous, young girl

So why should you sit around
They say you only live once
So don't waste your life
Being some lazy slug
It's people like you that man
I can't stand
Don't be afraid of today
Get off your ass
Who cares what others say
Live for yourself and for the day
Don't be afraid to speak your mind
It's your world too
They'll take control of your brain
And change us into a human zoo
Take a chance now's the time
You really have a choice
It's people that ignore it that man
I can't stand

I don't think for you
You don't think for me
I won't change you
You can't change me
Fight for what's right
Fight for what you believe in
You and I shouldn't fight
'Cause we know what's wrong and what's right
You and I should be friends
Or fight amongst yourselves until the end
Fight for what's right
Fight for your own goals
You and I don't fight
We know what's wrong and what's right
You and I are friends
We'll live the way we like until the end

I don't understand why
Men must fight and kill
The world's in trouble man
There's dirt and decay
There's poison in the air
The news brings more
It's scummy, it's filthy
It's everywhere, it's over
Just look around you
People living on the street
Beggars and old winos
Worn faces they need some care
The news brings more
It's scummy, it's filthy
It's everywhere, we're nowhere
It's over

Get off your ass and stomp your feet
You can't stop now, ain't got the beat
You kick it around, thrash up and down
Crash to the ground, 'cause you feel the heat
Pressure on your mind
Too many thoughts in your head
Brains are smashed and your body's collapsed
Get control don't lose it now
Gonna kill yourself on the floor
Now you say god's gonna save you
I think you better pray
Don't say please
Don't say please
Don't say please
You better pray

We'll have no names
No brains
No hope

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