F Lyrics

NO -- ain't gonna fight
NO -- ain't gonna drink
NO -- ain't gonna fuck
NO -- ain't gonna sink
NO -- ain't gonna ask
NO -- ain't gonna answer
NO -- ain't gonna die of goddamn cancer
NO -- ain't gonna smoke
NO -- ain't gonna lie
Ain't gonna laugh and ain't gonna cry
And I'm tellin' you no
And I'm yellin' you no
And I mean it...

When I'm living the way I do
I never expected getting shit from you
I'm living a life, strange as it seems
I'm not alive to fulfill your dreams
I'm in control (x2)
You can't accept the things I do
As if I'm not rebellious or one of a kind
I am controlling my mind
I'm in control (x2)
CH: I'm in control (x4)
We're all the same, why can't you see?
I want my piece of liberty
I could be a beggar or a businessman
But I'm trying the best I can
I'm in control (x2).....CH
Self-disciplined, I learn from myself
I was never stupid enough to take it off the shelf
I must be stubborn 'cos I've never tried
Outside ingredients for ruining my pride
I'm in control
Spit it out -- what you got
Spit it out -- ain't a lot
It ain't what you think it is
Spit it out -- premeditate
Spit it out -- your expectorate
Give it to someone who deserves it
CH: Spit it, spit it out
You gotta, you gotta
Spit it, spit it out
Spit it out on me
Spit it out -- of you jaw
Spit it out -- make it raw
Give your mouth a grand debut
Spit it out -- spit some Scope
Spit it out -- on the Pope
It's what your mouth was made to do.....CH
Reagan loves you!
Spit it out -- on the floor
Spit it out -- it's spit galore
Give us something to live for
Spit it out -- what you got
Spit it out -- ain't a lot
It ain't what you think it is.....CH
Don't worry now you got a friend
Who'll clean the streets of people just like you
Be proud of the public, we're quite aware
He'll even force security on us too.....
CH: We can trust the men in blue
We can trust them... NO!
They used to chew and smoke and fight
Now they're adults but things haven't changed
They still get rowdy on Friday nights
It's still for fun but now they're getting paid.....CH
Reagan loves you!
If criminals violate your rights
Then that's the man with a badge on his chest
Citizen's arrest, I say
I'd like to make a citizen's arrest.....CH

There's a man in a robe who said he was god
He said he wanted to save
He said he wasn't a fraud
But those who followed him are all those who died
And when things got rough, he got crucified
CH: Such men are dangerous
Why were they sent to us?
Was it just a mistake, one we could make?
Such men are dangerous
Why were they sent to us?
There's a German man with a small mustache
He made friends with Japan
Wanted the world to crash
In 1942 a lot of people died
Eleven million Jews said goodbye.....CH
There's a man in a jail with a distant stare
His family killed without a care
He tried to ignite, he said Whitey can't last
Said helter skelter's coming down fast.....CH
Why? Why? ...Dangerous

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