Teaching You The Fear Lyrics

Middle class liberals all make me sick
The communist party is a load of shit
The KKK can kiss my ass
They're all dangerous morons tied to the past
Each one tries to dictate their own point of view
Telling everyone their way is true
Each needs a ghetto to put their opponents in

Let's stop playing games and take a good look
At the vague values we're all taught from books
If dignity and freedom are every human's rights
Why do the few that have them all seem to be WHITE?
White collar crime is justified with MONEY!
While too many people starve in this land of milk and honey
And they build the ghettos to put the starving in

There isn't any honor dropping bombs
There isn't any glory killing human beings
It's disgusting and sick and always has been
Liberators become oppressors all over again
And the church stands on its wealth as it blesses the troops
Telling them that their way is so true
And they build ghettos to put their prisoners in

For what you are, I could spit in your eye
No way to describe you or I'd be a fool enough to try
Come walking and talking with your weird rapping to me
How life is a burden and you can't accept the responsibility
I'm bored with your apathy
Pretentious, don't we take ourselves seriously
We just want to deflate you hwen you're so fast asleep

Where's the anarchy?
Where's the big change?
Where's the anarchy?
It all looks the same
Want to stop something
Pull it in the fold
Pull out the fangs
Pull out the claws
Blink of an eye
And you know why
The BEAST has been tamed
You new wave rebels
You're like a limp dick
New wave rebels
Like a limp dick
White riot's quickly changed
To just a party weekend

New new new rock gods
Replace the old
Climb aboard
The new rock train
Blink of an eye
And you know why
The beast has been tamed

(thanx to the Houston Police Department for the inspiration)

Take one black man, sitting on his own front porch
Snipers on the roof of a church, looking through their scopes
Take one black man, sitting on his own front poarch
Snipers on the roof of a church, peeking through their scopes
Teaching you the fear!

Take one chicano, with his hands cuffed behind his back
Beat him bout the head, let him know where he's at (he's in Texas!)
Take one chicano, with his hands cuffed behind his back
Toss him in the bayou, watch him sink like a rat
Teaching you the fear!

Try to love another man, get yourself shot dead
Put you up against a wall, with a pistol to the back of your head
Try to love another man, one shot you're dead
Teaching you the fear!

Divide and conquer, well that's an old old game
Divide and conquer, being used again and again
Hate the niggers, hate the chinks, hate the jews
Upper class, lower class
Hate the punks, hate the hippies, hate the cops
Upper class, lower class, MIDDLE CLASS!
Teaching you the fear!

First the fuel could stop
Distribution's gone
Then the food could stop
Well, all law might be gone
(when the trucks are gone)
You better have a gun
Lots of water too
Plenty medicine
Well it could all be through
Chain reaction
Can't stop the greed
Pulling it down around our ears
Can't stop the need
Filling us all up with fear
Freeze a few old folks
Who can't pay their heating bill
Pay a few more farmers
Not to plow their fields

You can have your fun
With the latest flash trend
Take it all serious
I think it's a joke
You can't discourage us
Run 'em out of every shopping center
And bank in town
Run 'em out, not for us
Burn 'em down
Two bits - four bits
Six bits a dollar
We're all fly by night
In the midst of this squalor
See how much you can get away with
Think just what you want
Is the whole of the law

(original lyrics by Perry Webb courtesy of Culturcide)
I turn my radio on
Shitty klol
They don't like the music
Want the ears of the stupid

No culture Houston!
Only hollow shells!
No art in Houston
Except the kind that sells

I go to an art museum
It's more like a mausoleum
Three canvas's in a row
A million dollars worth of snow
The modern period's dead
Can't they get that through their heads?
This junk ain't art
I'd rather hear Van Gogh fart

I turn my TV on
I turn it right back off
It's such a waste of time
I'd rather be jacking off
They're all built on money
They're all built on cash
I want every TV in the city smashed

The symphony is fine
But it may be a dead art form
The ballet is beautiful
It's the audience I scorn
I didn't get invitations
From Miss Ima Hogg
Hit the street
Just a cut above a dog

I was born of a virgin birth
I was born to rule this earth
They say they got no cake
I say it's a big mistake
They say they got no bread
Let them eat BBQ instead

There isn't much confidence left in the atomic age
The thermometer of public sense is not a useful gauge

Anything you read, is probably a lie
Anything you read it's a white lie

One thing I'll tell ya I think is odd
Black folks praying to a white god
A wooden cross, hang it on your wall
A wooden cross, never stopped anybody's fall

Some folks is weak, some need a crutch
I may be weak but not that much
You'll never know me and I'll never know you
When I look up, I see, it's untrue
You look so distant, so distant and cold
Across your desert shore you'll never grow old

Blond german beauty, distant and sad
Was that who you are or just a charade?
It was a pleasure then and always will be
Well all you own is still your secret side

La Dolce Vita to the dom at St. Marks Place
The exploding inevitable will never be replaced
Andy, the Pope, Ondine and Morrison you knew
But none of them could be as unique as you

Chanteuse chanteuse chanteuse

Frozen warnings chelsea girls
Not taken long lawns of dawns
Janitor of lunacy Julius Ceasar
Mutterlien the falconer
The end desert shore abschied
Ari's song afraid

Who cares if they drop like flies
I don't even know their names
To me they all look the same
Swollen bellies and malnutrition
Really couldn't campare
To my problem I got this week
What color should I dye my hair?

Dance dance dance to starvation

Don't point your fingers at me
You can't put me to shame
I gave to Jerry's Kids
There's nothing that I need to explain
Teimes are tough everywhere
I can't make payments on my car
If thousands of people starve to death
It must be written up in their stars

Swollen bellies and skin draped bones
Milkless breasts and waterless wells
People scratching food from the earth
People scratching food from the earth
Sure these things get to me
But it can't be so hard
Why don't they do like us
And get themselves a master-charge

Dancing on their graves in Africa
Dancing on the mounds of dead bodies
In Southeast Asia
Dancing on the piles of dead children
In South America
Dancing on the graves all around this world

It's prostitution
They got no content
They're just form
Rock stars!

It's just entertainment

Don't want to talk about that
Just want to talk about this
Don't divert my attention
My ignorance is such bliss
Rank and file
Day and night
Secure routine
I'm alright

I'm an honest man almost always
Only cheat the underserving ones
You know you've gotta draw the line
Anyway they're not my kind
Brick upon brick
Wall upon wall
I need more
Yet I'm not small

I'm a reliably man almost always
You know you can count on me
Chack me out I'm a regular guy
I mind my own business
Us and them
Me and you
Which way's out?
I'm alright

I buy just the things that I want
But the ads sure can help
You must respect and appreciate
My individual kind of style

Bellaire kid playing heavy metal guitar
Shooting up smack thingking he's a star
He don't know when to stope
He don't know when to stop
His big mouth just made him a cop
You see him around

I got a friend in the Huntsville P-farm
Doing 16 years a 16 year stretch
His big mistake was a first offense
His big mistake to sell to pig-boy, yeah

Don't cry wolf
Don't cry wolf
Don't cry wolf

Ain't no time
For nazi shit

Ain't no time for
Junkie nod outs
Hole-y arms
Needles and pins

Ain't no time
To get drunk
To sober up
To follow fashion

Ain't no time for
Left wing creeps
Right wing turds
Normal creeps

Over there they got no work
Over there they think we're all jerks
Over there they hear what we say
And laugh up their sleeve
All the way to the left
Way to the right
Sit down, shut up or fight, fight, fight

It ain't all peaches 'n cream
That's a lie told to you by a fool
Do what you can, but don't be anyone's
Tool to the left
Tool to the right
Sit down, shut up or fight, fight, fight

Opinions are like assholes
Everybody seems to have one
But who's been asking yours lately
Are YOU having such fun?

Dark of the street ain't safe
Light of the day is poor
Why escape into a nod
You could do so much more!
More to the left
More to the right
Sit down, shut up or fight, fight, fight

Is there something here
That reminds you of something there?
Or it's supposed to be

What could it be
That reminds you?
Is it in me
Is it in you
Will it ever, ever, ever?

Don't bother to ask or
Look behind you
Don't bother to read or
Read into this song
Time for rejection
Time for reflection

What a guilty feeling
Here inside of me
What a haunting feeling
There inside of you

Playing out our roles
Playing out our roles
Playing out our roles

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