Midwest Fuck You!

Hailing from Maumee, Ohio, the Necros were one of the first hardcore bands in the U.S. (let alone the Midwest...). Consisting of highschoolers Barry Henssler, Andy Wendler, and Todd Swalla, the Necros formed way back in 1979. Meatmen vocalist and scenester Tesco Vee soon took the band under his wing, and within a year they were at the forefront of a scene centered around Detroit, Michigan. In early 1981, the band recorded the four song Sex Drive EP, with Wendler playing guitar and bass. When Tesco fronted the money to press the record, it became the first release on a label he called Touch & Go (named after his zine). Soon after, the band acquired Corey Rusk as their full-time bassist.

The Necros were inspired by seeing Black Flag on one of their early tours and by what was going on in Washington DC at the time, and started to write faster and tighter songs. Despite their growing popularity however, guitarist Wendler quit to form the "joke band" McDonald's. He was replaced by Brian Pollack, who played on the Necros' second record, the IQ32 EP. IQ32 was a split release between Touch & Go (which Rusk had began to operate) and Dischord. After the Necros recorded a track for the Process of Elimination 7" compilation and did a brief tour of the East Coast to support it, Wendler rejoined. In 1982, the band toured the country in support of the Misfits.

1983 saw the release of the Conquest for Death LP, the Necros' finest work (there was also a 7" of the same name). After another tour, the Necros replaced Rusk with Ron Sakowski. By 1984, they had grown their hair long and started to rock out a little more. The band released a couple more albums on pseudo-majors Restless and Enigma, and eventually broke up in the late eighties. Henssler went on to form Big Chief, and Swalla drummed for ex-Negative Approach frontman John Brannon's band, the Laughing Hyenas.


SEX DRIVE 7" (Touch & Go, 1981)

IQ32 7" (Dischord/Touch & Go, 1981)

CONQUEST FOR DEATH 7" (Touch & Go,1983)


JAIL JELLO split 12" w/ WHITE FLAG (Gasatanka, 1985)

TANGLED UP 7" (Gasatanka, 1986)

TANGLED UP LP (Restless, 1987)

LIVE OR ELSE tape (Medusa/Enigma, 1990)

Split 10" w/ AUTHORITY ABUSE (Wise Hoodlum, 2002 - Necros side is live from early 80's)


THE EARLY DAYS EP (demo recordings)

CONQUEST FOR DEATH CD/LP ("Discography" of everything they recorded up until the first LP)


PROCESS OF ELIMINATION EP (Touch & Go, 1981), "Bad Dream"

FLIPSIDE VINYL FANZINE vol. 2 LP (Gasatanka/Enigma, 1985), "Walking the Dog"


Lyrics for IQ32 EP - Conquest for Death LP

Interview from Ripper #8
An interview/article from before the first LP came out.

Interview from Flipside #36
A good interview from 1982, while the Necros were in L.A. recording their first LP.

Interview from Negative Print #14
An interview with Barry Henssler from 1984, on the website - thanks Ryan for typing it out!

Interview from Suburban Voice #33/34
Barry Henssler talks about singing for the Necros and his current (in 1993) band. By Al Quint.

Police Brutality Website
A pretty slick-looking Necros fan site, apparently built with a bunch of help from the former members. Find pressing information and a bunch of photos and flyers here, along with information on ex-members' current activities and more.

Touch & Go Records Website
Touch & Go put out some great records and has also rereleased some classics (Negative Approach, Big Boys, Effigies, etc.). Unfortunately, due to a falling out between former bassist Corey Rusk (who still runs the label) and the rest of the band, it's pretty unlikely that the Necros records will ever be reissued. There is a bootleg cd of their early stuff - pick it up or pay $$$ for the originals...