Discography compiled by Patrick, Band History by Patrick/Obik

Strike Under was part of the Evanston scene that made up Chicago's early punk scene, and started around the same time (probably 1980) as the Effigies. The line up was Steve Bjorklund on guitar and vocals, Chris Bjorklund on guitar and vocals, Pierre Kezdy (the Effigies' John Kezdy's younger brother) on bass and vocals and Bob Furem on drums. Their big claim to fame is that their first and only record was the first record on Wax Trax! Records. At the time, Wax Trax! was just a record store.

Strike Under called it quits in 1981 and their record is out of print. Steve Bjorklund formed Breaking Circus which supposedly had a rather unstable line up until Bjorklund moved to Minneapolis (I've also heard Pierre was involved at one point). Chris, Pierre, and Bob formed Trial By Fire, who recorded an album for release on Ruthless Records that never came out due to the band's breakup in '83 or '84. Naked Raygun covered Trial By Fire's "Rocks of Sweden" on Rat Music for Rat People vol. 3 and Arsenal (Santiago Durango's post-Big Black project) covered some Trial by Fire stuff. Pierre joined Naked Raygun in 1985 and later joined Pegboy. Chris Bjorklund played in a bunch of acts such as Bloodsport and the Effigies.


IMMEDIATE ACTION 12" (Wax Trax!, 1981)


BUSTED AT OZ LP (Autumn, 1981) "Fucking Uniforms", "Anarchy Song"

BLACK BOX: WAX TRAX! RECORDS, THE FIRST 13 YEARS (TVT, 1994) "Elephant's Graveyard"