WHY DIE? This band, whose name is pronounced "Why Die?", released one great single in 1983. The A Place In the Sun 7" was released by the band as Blood Bubble Records #1. Musically, this band had more in common with the tough skinhead sounds of Detroit and Boston than the lighthearted skatecore most of their Philly peers played. In songs like "Mad at the World," singer Jackal rips through lyrics like "Look into my eyes and see / I'm not normal you can believe / Savage fury, uncontrollable rage / I'm gonna put you in the grave." One interesting thing about YDI is that although playing a genre of music often associated with sketchy racial politics, both Jackal and drummer Howard were black. In "Categorized," the lead track on Side B, Jackal barks "Prejudiced eyes look upon me / Judge me by sight, take away my rights / Not knowing what I'm like or what I can do / I'm stuck with a label till the day I die."

The band also dropped two fine tracks for the Philly compilation LP Get Off My Back with crazies like FOD, McRad, and Autistic Behavior. Unfortunately, I'm told that YDI's full length LP, also on Blood Bubble, was horrible metal. I haven't heard the LP, but judging by the fact that the title "sex machine" is added to Jackal's name, and the metal lettering on the insert, I'd guess this is true.


A PLACE IN THE SUN EP (Blood Bubble, 1983)

BLACK DUST LP (Blood Bubble, 1985)


GET OFF MY BACK LP (Red Music, 1983) "Enemy for Life", "I Killed My Family"


Lyrics to A Place In The Sun

Interview from Sped #2
Here's a brief 1983 interview with vocalist Jackal.