Band History written by Nils Post, Discography compiled by Federico

Out of the ashes of the band Blitzkrieg from Hannover, northern Germany, the Boskops were formed sometime between 1982 and 1983. The Boskops were one of the most important bands in their region, alongside other bands like Blut + Eisen, the Cretins or Daily Terror.

The original line-up consisted of two guitarists (one male, one female), a bassplayer, a vocalist and a drummer. The band's name was perhaps taken from an apple species that is sold all over Germany. The fruit is sometimes really bitter but I don't know exactly if this was the inspiration for the band's name.

Due to the Boskops' two guitar players and a vocalist with a roaring strong voice, their first LP, Sol 12, stands as a good stylistic example of what later become known as "Thrashpunk" - less instrumental proficiency but raw highspeed energy and sonic brutality. Unfortunately the record label got ruined shortly after the release. It took until the end of the 90's for the album to be reprinted.

Before the second LP came out, the female guitarist was replaced by another male one. Maybe an amount of energy and speed left with her because the second LP, Lauschgift, is slower. However it is still really good due to more variety in the songs and the band's enhanced capability in playing.

After two really good tracks on the We Don't Need Nuclear Force sampler, a third album with slightly metal influences, called Fedia, was released in the late 80's... but the Boskops weren't as good anymore as before. Typical for most German punk bands from the early 80's, the Boskops split up soon after.


SOL 12 LP (Frostschutz, 1983)

LAUSCHGIFT LP (Mülleimer 1985)

FEDIA LP (Eig, 1988)

NON PLUS ULTRA CD (Snake, 1991 - includes the Lauschgift LP)


SOL 12 LP (Frostschutz - includes Fedia LP)


KEINE EXPERIMENTE LP (Weird System, 1983) "Du Denkst", "Jacutin"

P.E.A.C.E. 2LP (R Radical, 1984) "Skorbut"

BABYLON BLEIBT FAHREN LP (Babylon Bleibt Fahren, 1985) "1990"

WE DON'T NEED NUCLEAR FORCE LP + 7" (Mülleimer, 1986) "Boskops Theme" ("Jede 7 Sekunden" on Bonus 7")

HARDCORE vol. 1 LP (Starving Missile, 1988) "Schokolade und Schläge", "Videot"

DAS WAREN NOCH ZEITEN LP (Snake, 1989) "Boskops Theme", "Jede 7 Sekunden"