Elizabeth J. Parks-Stamm

New York University
Social Psychology Program
6 Washington Place, Rm 760
New York, NY 10003


Ph.D. 2009, New York University (Social, Personality, and Organizational Psychology)
M.A. 2006, New York University (Psychology)
B.A. 2001, Dartmouth College (with High Honors in Psychology)

Honors and Awards

APA Dissertation Research Award, 2008
Dean's Dissertation Fellowship, 2008-2009
Douglas H. and Katharine Fryer Thesis Fellowship Award, 2008
National Science Foundation Predoctoral Research Fellowship, 2004-2009
Campbell Travel Award, 2008
Friends of Katzell Summer Research Fellowship, 2007
Society for Personality and Social Psychology Travel Award, 2007
McCracken Award for Graduate Study, New York University, 2003-2008
Honors Thesis awarded High Honors, Dartmouth College, 2001


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