Inequality Workshop

The Inequality Workshop provides an opportunity for faculty and students doing research on stratification, inequality, and social demography, broadly construed, to develop and present work in progress.  
We meet on Thursdays 12:30pm - 1:50pm in the Memorial Room, NYU Sociology Department.

Organizers: Paula England and Florencia Torche

Spring 2015:

2-12 Chantal Hailey “The Influence of Adolescent Neighborhood Occupational Structure on Adult Occupational Choice"

2-26 Peter Rich "Intergenerational dynamics of white residential mobility

3-12  Cancelled

4-2 Fangqi Wen  “Male Marriageability and Local Marriage Market Outcomes: Exploiting Economic Globalization as a Natural Experiment

4-16 Monica Caudillo "Assessing the Impact of Community Violence on Marriage and Fertility: The Case of Mexico

5-7 Jason Thompson “Selectivity and Mobility: Examining the Role of Postsecondary Education in the Transmission of Status Across a Generation"

Fall 2014:

Sept. 11th. Abby Weitzman "It's a girl... The distinct impacts of sons and daughters on parents' health and wellbeing"
    (This is a practice job talk, no paper will be circulated).

Sept. 25th. Jonathan Bearak.  "Men's earnings distribution and marriage: For which men does marriage increase earnings?"
    (This is a practice job talk, no paper will be circulated). 
Oct. 9th. Eman Abdelhadi. "Beyond the exception: Religiosity and employment among Muslim and non-Muslim women in the United States"

Oct. 23rd. Jacob Faber. "Cashing in on distress: The expansion of predatory financial institutions during the Great Recession"

Nov. 6th. Mike Hout. "The social recession: Americans' perceptions of class and the economy 2006-2012"

Nov 20th. Madhavi Cherian. "Three shades of poverty: Identifying and dividing the poor in India"

Dec. 4th. Erez Marantz. "Ethnic community density and the gender gap in labor force participation of immigrants"

Spring 2014 Schedule
2/3    Hassan El Menyawi
         The Great Reversal: The evolution of how the nation-states of the Muslim world went from tolerating same-sex practices to repressing LBG people 1750-2010.

2/24  Fangqi Wen
         Who co-resides with parents? An analysis based on sibling advantage.

3/10 Monica Caudillo
        How does the personal become political? The intergenerational impact of female's labor force participation on daughter's political skill and behavior. Appendix

3/31 Michael Gratz
        Using peers to uncover the causal effect of parental separation on education

4/14 Michael Hout
        The social recession: How job loss and income inequality affected American's views of social class 2006-2012.

Fall 2013 Schedule

9/16 Julia Behrman
        An exploration of mothers and fathers resources at marriage and child well-being outcomes in rural Bangladesh 1996-2006

9/30 Madhavi Cherian
        Means Testing and Policy Access: A multi-method analysis of the targeted public distribution system in Delhi, India.

10/28 Paula England and Jonathan Bearak
        How the Motherhood Penalty Varies by Wage and Cognitive Skill: A Reassessment

11/11 Dohoon Lee
          Childhood Disadvantage, Nonmarital Childbearing, and Birth Intendedness

Abigail Weitzman   
          The second adolescence: the sex of firstborn adolescent offspring and father's sexual behavior and health in the developing world.

Workshop Cancelled

Spring 2013 Schedule

2/11: Dohoon Lee (note this meeting will be 12:00 noon - 1:30pm)
         The Great Recession, Genetic Sensitivity, and Harsh Parenting.

2/25: Ernesto Amaral and Christopher Weiss
         An Evaluation of the Impact of the Educational Conditions of Brazil’s Bolsa Família Program, 2005

3/11: Peter Rich and Jennifer Jennings
        Responding to Failure: Accountability, Selection, and Student Mobility in Chicago Public Schools
3/25: Jon Gordon
         Latent Effects: State Practices and Violence in Colombia

4/8: Michael Chavez Reilly
       Inequality and Opportunity in Work-Based Learning

4/22: Florencia Torche and Uri Shwed
       War exposure and birth outcomes in Israel.


Fall 2012 Schedule

9/17: Monica Caudillo                                                                                                                                                                           
    Are growing homicide rates affecting educational outcomes in Mexico?

10/1: Chris Weiss and Emma Garcia
    Student Engagement and Academic Performance in Mexico: Evidence and Puzzles from PISA

10/29: Dohoon Lee    CANCELLED DUE TO STORM.
      The Great Recession, Genetic Sensitivity, and Harsh Parenting.      

11/12: Jacob Faber
      In Forclosure's Wake: The Great Recession's Effect on Racial Segregation.

11/26: Abigail Weitzman
     The Daughter Tax? The Sex of Offspring and Maternal Consequences in Twenty-Eight Developing Countries

12/10: Jonathan Bearak
      Barriers to marriage. What drives the relationship between marriage and earnings