Gillian Gallagher


I am an assistant professor in the Department of Linguistics at New York University. My research focuses on the phonetic and phonological properties of phonotactic restrictions, through experimental work with speakers of Cochabamba Quechua, and artificial grammar learning studies.

My current projects explore the generalizations that speakers of Cochabamba Quechua have made about the non-local phonotactic restrictions on ejectives and aspirates in their language. This work is supported by an NSF grant, and aims to answer three questions: (1) Given that non-local root phonotactics often involve restrictions on adjacent syllables, how ‘non-local’ are the learned generalizations? (2) Do asymmetries between phonological structures that are gleaned from cross-linguistic typology (like the cross-linguistic preference for identical ejectives) play a role in the grammar of all speakers? (3) What are the articulatory and perceptual bases for laryngeal cooccurrence restrictions?

Another ongoing project investigates the learning of identity based phonological patterns via artificial grammar learning studies, and explores how and when generalizations emerge.

ggillian [at] nyu [dot] edu

New York University

Department of Linguistics

10 Washington Place

New York, NY 10003

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