Tina's Attesor Stone ~ type code to get Egyptian Hieroglyphs

version 0.9 (2012/10/22) - multi-row, single blocks, pancake stacking, and side-by-side works. No color, font size options yet

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Enter Gardiner names separated by spaces. Type slash / to stack, and asterisk * to place side-by-side.
For example: q1/d4 a40 (Osiris)     Q/L J v4 P A D/R T A h8 (Cleopatra)     o49/T*z1 S N/z2 "their town"
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~ Special thanks to Caroline Seawright of The Keep for the inspiration and feedback ~
Supported browsers: Windows 7 (Internet Explorer 9, Google Chrome 22, Mozilla Firefox 16)

Font support: if you see a kneeling man: , no action is needed.
Otherwise, install the NewGardiner TrueType font from Dr Nederhof's NewGardiner Page or the local mirror (right-click to save as .ttf). Then, restart your browser, if necessary.

Directions: Enter a sequence of Gardiner names in the top text area. Stack hieroglyphs with the 'slash' character / and place them side-by-side with the 'asterisk' character *

Shortcut codes: a b c ... z, A B D E ... Z, ankh, scarab, qmark, xmark, dot, semic, colon, comma, qq

Examples: q1/d4 a40 produces Osiris' name.

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