Baker's percentage calculator - Instructions


1. Fill in the ingredient list and baker's percentage values from a recipe. A list of common ingredients is available from the drop down menu. Add appropriate adjectives or other ingredient names using the leftmost text boxes. If the recipe does not give baker's percentages, enter all the given weights from the recipe in the baker's % column. Make sure the units are consistent throughout.

2. Weigh any one ingredient (typically, choose a constrained ingredient such as eggs, which cannot be easily divided into small portions without waste).

3. Enter this weight in the corresponding row, then press Tab or click on any other text box. The entire weight column will adjust relative to the baker's % values.

Notes: Saving the recipe

Scroll to the end of the page and press the button [save recipe]. The Save/Load textbox will be filled with all the relevant information. Next, copy and paste the entire text into Notepad, MS Word, or any other text editor. Save the file in your computer.

When you wish to reload the recipe, copy and paste the text back into the Save/Load textbox, and press [load recipe].

Baker's Percentage Calculator by Heitor Chang