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These are my favorites. Copy and paste each recipe into the Save/Load textbox of the main page, and press [load recipe]. Basic directions and the recipe source will be listed in the Additional notes section.

Disclaimer: The information below is provided to the best of my knowledge. Use your own best judgment when baking.

Lemon madeleines
Lemon madeleines| egg yolks|67|demerara sugar|11|grated lemon zest 
|4.5| honey|17| egg whites|67|extra-fine granulated sugar|83| baking 
powder|3| salt|1|melted butter|100|cake flour|100 
|Mixing: Separated-egg sponge method. Fold butter last. Chill batter
for 20 min.
Panning: Pipe batter using a pastry bag with a medium tip.
Baking: 350 deg.F about 6 min. for small (5 g batter per cookie), 14 
min. for large (20 g per cookie), or until golden brown. 
Source: Gisslen, Wayne, Professional Baking, 3rd ed., p. 329 

Chocolate and orange madeleines
Chocolate and orange madeleines| egg yolks|100|demerara 
sugar|17|orange zest, grated |13|honey |25| egg whites|100|extra-fine 
granulated sugar |125|salt |1.7| baking powder|7|cocoa powder |42|cake 
flour|100|butter, melted |150 
|Mixing: Separated-egg sponge method. Fold butter last. Chill batter
for 20 min.
Panning: Pipe batter using a pastry bag with a medium tip.
Baking: 350 deg.F about 6 min. for small (5 g batter per cookie), 14 min. 
for large (20 g per cookie), or until golden brown. 
Source: Gisslen, Wayne, Professional Baking, 3rd ed., p. 329

Oatmeal raisin cookies
Oatmeal raisin cookies|butter or shortening |67|brown sugar|133|salt 
|1.5| eggs|33|vanilla extract |3| milk|8|pastry flour|100| baking 
powder|4| baking soda|2|rolled oats |83|raisins |67
|Mixing: Creaming method. Combine oats after sifting. Blend raisins last.
Makeup: Drop method. Grease sheets or use parchment paper.
Baking: 375 deg.F for 10-12 minutes.
Source: Gisslen, Wayne, Professional Baking, 3rd ed., p. 404

Banana bread, cakelike
Banana bread, cakelike|pastry flour|100| sugar|60| baking powder|5|
baking soda|.6|salt |1.25|walnuts |25|eggs |40|banana |100|butter|40
|Mixing: muffin method
Baking: 375 deg.F, 50 minutes
Source: Gisslen, Wayne, Professional Baking, 3rd ed., p. 146

Cornbread|pastry flour|50|cornmeal |50|sugar |10| cream of tartar|1.5|
baking soda|2|salt |2|eggs, beaten |20|buttermilk |85|honey |5|butter|30
|Buttermilk substitution: 1 cup warm milk + 1.75 tablespoons cream
of tartar
Mixing: muffin method
Baking: 400 deg.F for 25-30 mins
Source: Gisslen, Wayne, Professional Baking, 3rd ed., p. 143

Random stuff
classic brownies|Unsweetened chocolate |100|butter |150|eggs |150|sugar |300| salt|1.5|vanilla extract |6|bread flour|100|chopped walnuts |100|1. Melt chocolate and butter in double boiler (in bowl over steam)
2. Let chocolate mixture cool to room temp. (15+ mins)
3. Mix eggs, sugar, salt and vanilla until well blended. Do not whip.
4. Blend in chocolate mixture
5. Sift and fold flour in thirds.
6. Fold in nuts.
7. Grease and flour pans.  450 g flour makes 1 full sheet pan.
8. Bake at 325 F for 45-60 mins
Note 1. May reduce sugar to 270%.  Reduce further if using bittersweet chocolate.

melon sorbet|corn syrup |60|sugar |360| water|250|strained blendered melon stuff |875|1. heat sugars to make syrup
2. mix
3. chill in fridge for 1 day
4. freeze

tiramisu|egg yolks |60|sugar |30|egg whites |90|sugar |50|cream of tartar |.2|flour |100|coffee |166|syrup |83| egg yolks|20| sugar|60| water|40|corn syrup |20|mascarpone |167|heavy cream |238|1. separated egg sponge
2. egg yolk + sugar + salt over hot water, whip until 110 F
3. beat egg yolks until light and thick
4. whip egg whites, sugar and acid. fold alternately with flour.
5. bake at 375 F for 10 mins
FILLING: 1. dessert syrup is 50:50 water and sugar
2. whip egg yolks until light
3. make syrup of sugar, water and glucose until 248 F
4. pour into yolks while whipping.
5. mix mascarpone separately until soft.
6. with mixer at low, add egg yolk a little into mascarpone, waiting for
7. whip cream to soft peaks. fold into mascarpone.
BUILDING: combine coffee and dessert syrup.
soak 1/2 sheet of ladyfingers.  reserve 1/2 of syrup. layer 1/2 of filling. repeat.

chocolate anise biscotti|flour |100|baking powder |3|salt |1|sugar |60|butter |40|eggs |33|ground anise |5|chocolate chips |33|recipe courtesy giada de laurentiis

sugar cookies| butter|40| sugar|50| salt|0.8| eggs|10| milk|10|vanilla |1.25| flour|90|cocoa/ flour|10| baking powder|3|

meringue| egg whites|1| sugar|1|confectioners sugar|1|1. whip egg whites to soft peaks. start slow and increase speed
2. gradually add 1st quantity of sugar
3. fold c. sugar with spatula

almond sponge cake|marzipan |325| egg yolks|200| egg whites|300| sugar|125|cake flour|100|cocoa powder |100|melted butter|100|(put 34 in egg yolk)

jelled apricot compote|canned apricot |350|cinnamon |5|gelatin |4|amaretto |60|

Chocolate and orange madeleines|egg yolks |100|demerara sugar |17|honey |25|egg whites |100|extra-fine granulated sugar |125|salt |1.7|baking powder |7|cocoa powder |42|cake flour |100|butter, melted |145|orange oil |5|Mixing: Separated-egg sponge method. Fold butter last. Chill batter
for 20 min.
Panning: Pipe batter using a pastry bag with a medium tip.
Baking: 350 deg.F about 6 min. for small (5 g batter per cookie), 14 min. 
for large (20 g per cookie), or until golden brown. 
Source: Gisslen, Wayne, Professional Baking, 3rd ed., p. 329

sfiha dough|bread flour|100|yogurt |20|olive oil|30|dry yeast|2|warm water|8| salt|2| sugar|1|straight dough method, rise for 90 minutes

quindim| egg yolks|83| sugar|66| butter|10|dried coconut, shredded |20|warm water |30|NOTA: quantidade de coco deve encher uns 3/4 da tigela pequena azul para 8 gemas. 

1. hidrate o coco ralado
2. derreta a manteiga
3. misture tudo, mexendo bem
4. 325 F banho maria por 45 mins - 1 hora

fudge cake|chocolate |400| butter|400| eggs|500| sugar|500|bread flour|100|1. combine eggs, sugar, salt, warm over steam to 110 F
2. beat eggs 10 minutes
3. meanwhile melt chocolate and butter over steam
4. fold chocolate into eggs
5. fold flour
6. heavily grease pan
7. pour batter, insert ganache ball 
8. bake at 350 F for 15 mins

crème caramel|eggs |500| sugar|250| salt|2.5|vanilla |15| milk|1250| sugar|375| water|60|caramel
1. cook sugar with water (last measures) until caramelized.  line bottom of cups.

1. butter molds
2. combine first four ingredients and mix until blended; do not whip
3. scald milk (to 185 F) over low heat
4. skim foam from liquid
5. pour mixture into molds
6. skim bubbles
7. bake with hot water around molds at 325 F for about 45 mins
8. store cooled

muffin method muffin|pastry flour|100|sugar |30| baking powder|6| salt|1.25|eggs |20|milk |80|butter |30|blueberries |40|400 deg F for 20 mins

challah|water |40|dry yeast |1.5|bread flour |100|egg yolks |20|sugar |8.1|salt |1.9|vegetable oil |10|1. mix yeast in 4x weight of 105 F water
2. mix salt in separate water (away from yeast)
3. combine rest of ingredients, do not let yeast touch salt directly
4. knead for about 10 minutes
5. ferment 90 minutes at 80 F
6. braid
7. proof
8. egg wash
9. bake at 400 F

chocolate butter cake|butter |67|sugar |115|salt |1.5|unsweetened chocolate |33|eggs |50|cake flour |100|baking powder |4|milk |50|vanilla |2|Gisslen p. 294, 309
creaming method:
1. have ingredients at room temp.  sift dry ingredients.
2. beat fat slowly until it is smooth and creamy.
3. add sugar, cream at moderate speed.  takes about 8 minutes.
add melted chocolate, salt and flavorings at this point.
4. add eggs a little at a time.  beat until eggs are absorbed.
continue mixing until light and fluffy, about 5 mins.
5. scrape down sides of bowl
6. add sifted dry ingredients, alternating with the liquids.
a) add 1/4 of the dry, mix until blended.
b) add 1/3 of the liquid, mix until blended.
repeat until ingredients are exhausted.  scrape sides occasionally.

genoise|eggs |150|sugar |100|cake flour |100|butter |33|vanilla extract |2|1. sift flour
2. combine eggs, sugar; warm over hot water bath to 110 F
3. beat eggs at high speed until very light and thick (10 minutes)
4. fold in sifted flour in 3 or 4 stages; do not deflate foam
5. fold in melted butter completely; do not overmix
6. pan (grease bottom) and bake, 375 F for about 20 mins.
p. 298, 319

coffee buttercream| sugar|250| water|45|coffee, espresso |15| egg yolks|90|softened butter|300|vanilla |4|1. combine sugar and water; bring to a boil while stirring to dissolve sugar
2. boil until 240 F
3. while syrup boils, beat yolks with a wire whip until thick and light
4. pour syrup very slowly into egg yolks, whipping constantly
5. beat until mixture is completely cool.
6. whip in butter a little at a time
7. beat in vanilla. refrigerate if needed

coffee marble glaze|gelatin |8| water|250| sugar|40|lt corn syrup |40|vanilla |4|coffee, espresso |30|1. soften gelatin in cold water
2. simmer water, sugar, syrup until completely dissolved.
3. add gelatin and vanilla.  stir until dissolved
4. when ready to use, add coffee and swirl slightly.  do not mix them in.
 swirl over cake surface so that coffee gives a marbled effect.

gingerbread| flour|100| salt|.6| baking soda|3| baking powder|1.5|ginger |3|cinnamon |1|cloves |.5|anise |1.25|molasses |100|hot water|50| butter|25|muffin method
1. sift dry ingredients
2. combine all liquid, including melted fat
3. add liquids to dry. do not overmix
375 deg F, about 30 mins

gingersnaps| butter|38| sugar|38| salt|.5|ginger |1.5|molasses |63| baking soda|1.5| water|13| flour|100|mixing: creaming method.  blend molasses into creamed fat-sugar. dissolve soda in water, then blend in.  add flour last.

makeup: bagged method. bag out size of a quarter, flatten slightly.  use greased and floured pans.  375 deg F 12 minutes

apple spice muffins (less sweet, slightly less fat)| butter|50|brown sugar|60| salt|1|cinnamon |.6|nutmeg |.2| eggs|33| milk|17|yogurt |34|applesauce |75| flour|100| baking powder|2| baking soda|1|mixing: creaming method
panning: 400 deg F for 25-30 minutes
original recipe has 60% fat and 75% sugar.  Gisslen Pro Baking 3rd ed. p. 148

pão de batata| flour|1000|active dry yeast|32|warm water|128| sugar|150|potato, mashed |400| salt|30| butter|100| eggs|104|milk as needed |110|Numa bacia ou na batedeira, faça uma esponja com 100 gramas de farinha de trigo,
 o fermento e um pouquinho de água. Deixe descansar durante 15 minutos. Após 
este descanso, misture todos os ingredientes e faça uma massa bem macia. Espere
 o crescimento da massa durante 30 minutos. Depois, modele em bolinhas de 70 
gramas cada uma, coloque nas assadeiras previamente untadas, espere novamente 
o crescimento durante uns 40 minutos, aproximadamente, e leve para assar.

Temperatura do forno: 200° C.
Observação: Vaporize bem o forno, com água, antes de levar os pães para assar.

biscuits|flour |85|flaxseed |15|salt |2|sugar |5| baking soda|1.5| cream of tartar|3.75|butter |34|milk |65|thyme |5|

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