two dolphins

Dolphis are the second smartest animals in the world, following the chimpanzees. Dolphins have bigger brains than humans. They are very social and cute. Dolphins; what would the ocean be like without them? Dolphin-less and sad. Anyone who doesn't like dolphins probably likes stuff like cats, and you know what that means: dolphin hater. Did you know that dolphins have lungs, like humans. Dolphins have this thing called a blow hole - that is how dolphins breathe. Dolphins should be the mascot of America, because America loves winning, and dolphins are natural-born winners.

Here are some pictures of dolphins:

pink dolphins
This dolphin is pink. (Amazon river dolphin)

This dolphin jumps very high. (Dusky dolphin)

These dolphins are cute looking. They are known as the panda dolphin. (Commerson's dolphin.)

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