Performing Arts and Literacy

New York State requires training of music educators in teaching literacy. This encourages collaboration among teachers in different subject areas. It also promotes the concept that teaching literacy is responsibility of all teachers, not just English teachers.

Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders is a program that uses performing arts to improve "communication of English learners- reading, writing and speaking."

Songs for Teaching

The website describes gaining oral language through music. Oral lanague is a social learning process and music provides a medium for children to learn langauge in a fun and interactive way. The authors Laura Woodall and Brenda Ziembraoksi provides excellent methods of teaching langauge to young children through music

Themes and Variations

This site provides excellent resources for elementary music teachers to teach literacy through music. It also explores the importance of music play in young children. I will definitely check back on this site in the future for gathering resources!

ESL through Music

This site is promoting teaching English through music. This site is particularly interesting to me because as an elementary school student, I had to learn English as a second language. This site also gives valuable lesson plans, articles on ESL learning, and other references.

Sing Your Way through Phonics

This web describes and promotes teaching phonics through music and song as opposed to textbooks and work exercises. It is based on the foundation that students learn best when they are involved in the learning process and "capitalize on their natural playfulness, energy, and creativity."

Literacy Through Technology and Music

Literacy Through Technology investigates the effectiveness of digital story telling to improve literacy. "Everyone has a story to tell...all students at all levels can make a digital story...they work hard on their stories so that they can get to what they consider fun part." Literacy Through Technology incorporates words, voice, and music to promote writing in students.

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