Immanuel Kant
Nationality: Prussian

Group Alliances:
"Terrible" Transcendental Idealists
"Destructive" Deontologists
"Contemptible" Constructivists

AKA: Hometown Manny
The Punctual Prussian
The Virgin
The Categorical Imperator
I've Fallen and I Kant Get Up
The Greatest Modern Philosopher

Powers: follows rules well, can leap as high as hundreds of times his own height

Weaknesses: sometimes seen as overly critical

Notes: This figure is, of course, only the phenomenal Kant toy. The deluxe version, Noumenal Self® Kant, is available only on special order and costs $339.95 (plus tax and S&H).

The reader may wonder, "Why is Kant blue with red tiger stripes?" Well, why twelve categories? I don't know. It was decided that a toy representing as important a philosopher as Kant ought to be unique in some way, that there ought to be some kind of toyly manifestation of his philosophical greatness. Blue with red tiger stripes was deemed sufficiently bad ass.