Famous people living in in New York City

New York City: a Haven for Celebrity

And why not? New York City is the money capital of the world due the international influence of Wall Street. It also rivals the West Coast for its place in the entertainment industry. Movies, TV, radio – New York City has it all. Given this, it stands to reason that many, many famous people live in New York City full time or split their time between the right and left coast.

It is often cited as being a haven for celebrity, along with other such sites; Los Angeles, Hollywood, Tokyo, and Paris, just to name a few. So who are some of these famous New York City residents?

In fact, taking a cue from a Hollywood publication, Larry Horwitz has come up with a fold out map of New York titled Movie Stars' Homes – New York City. He says, "In New York you have a much better chance of seeing the stars than in California."

Political New Yorkers

Who would expect it? Yet Henry Kissinger is a New Yorker. This is probably a good idea on his part since it undoubtedly saves him commute time when one of the talking heads in the  newsroom wants to interview him to get his take on some aspect of current world events.

Financial empire builder Donald Trump is influential enough to be said to affect city politics because big money talks, especially with all that goes on behind the scene when one owns so much expensive real estate. Trump has a lot of clout with city matters. And where (except for possibly California) could one get away with such flamboyantly odd hair style?

Now making a bid for the U.S. Presidency, Rudy Giuliani, also known as “America's Mayor”, maintains a residence in the city he was formerly Mayor. Giuliani has a rich history of being involved in the city's political machine and while mayor, acted to clean up the rampant crime. He also attracted the ire and admiration of many New York City citizens by taking a hard, tough stand on moral issues, even while coming under scrutiny for some of his marital indiscretions.

Infamous New Yorkers

The questionable character O. J. Simpson maintains a residence in the big apple. How he affords it given all the legal action against him remains a mystery. He might support it from being paid to give guest appearances. Even people as jaded as New York sophisticates love a gruesome tale of intrigue.

Howard Stern the shock jock, lives in and broadcasts from New York his “interesting” radio show. Love it or hate it, it is difficult to imagine any city that would so willingly embrace it.

New York City Actors and actresses

Brooke Shields is also one of the residents. Although she is a low key actress, not given to public antics to gain publicity, she has blossomed into an extremely talented star. Much of this is due to living in such a cosmopolitan city and having free rein to not only the film community but the stages of Broadway as well.

Dustin Hoffman also calls the city home. It is not hard to understand why he nailed his role in Midnight Cowboy so convincingly. He played to role as only a true New York resident could. The action hero Bruce Willis lives there as well which probably explains the fact that his major roles set in urban environments fit him so well.

The Sopranos' leading lady Edie Falco also lives in the city, proving that she did not have to struggle to get that New Jersey accent that she contributed to that great TV show. And any devotee of late night talk shows knows that the funny man Conan O'Brien has no trouble commuting to the studio for the show.

Why do all these famous celebrities make their homes in New York City? The city is a cultural capital and people with these kinds of careers are obliged to schmooze with others of their kind. Just as the city serves them, they help give the city its one of a kind flavor.

So if you come to New York sometime be sure that you take your camera with you, because you might find one of the celebrities wandering on the streets of the Big Apple just like you.