Tips for Online Dating

Find a partner online

With the advent of the World Wide Web, it was inevitable. Online dating was bound to happen. This manner of advertising for friendship, romance, sex, and love used to be the domain of the “personals” section of newspapers and periodicals. But the fact of the matter is that since so much wider exposure can be offered by the internet, would-be lovers are flocking to their keyboards. Since it is so anonymous though, it can be dangerous and it is prudent to take some tips for online dating before jumping in. Stalkers are especially attracted to these sites.

Dating Sites are Big Players

Online dating is big business too. According to OnLine Dating Magazine, an expert on the subject, “more than 20 million people visit at least one on-line dating service a month.” From this fact it can be concluded that the ranks of on-line daters must be increasing because some of them are finding permanent or long term relationships and dropping out of the dating scene.

As a matter of fact, the magazine also reports that, “that there are more than 120,000 marriages a year that occur as a result of online dating.” This is good news for rice and flower merchants and it also gives reasonably good insight into how the Internet has affected us. We have become an online culture.

Where the number of daters leads, the big dollars follow. Extrapolating from previous trends, Jupiter Research estimates that in 2008, the cash outlay for these relationship services will increase to a grand total of $642,000,000 worldwide!

Pick Your Dating Site Wisely

Be just as careful picking the online dating site you use as you are in picking your date. An Internet search will reveal more of them that might be imagined, most of them unheard of by the average person. The best bet is to go with the proven and reputable best online dating services. One of these is This site is up front about prosecuting criminals and married people who attempt to use their site; yes, there really is a law.

And of course, anyone with a radio or a TV has heard of With an advertising budget like theirs they must be doing something right. They have taken the service one step further. Not only do they provide the dating match up based on their “29 dimensions of harmony”, they also have a section for married couples where they serve up action plans to improve the quality of a marriage. has been around since 1995 and are affiliated with Dr. Phil. He provides what is called dating insights and even shows three videos as a teaser of what his service entails. Match currently serves fifteen million single people in more than 240 countries. If one can't find a soul mate in that situation, perhaps a session with Dr. Phil is needed anyway.

Things to be Aware of with On-Line Dating

Whenever you create a personal profile on a dating site, the first rule to keep in mind is not sharing any specific personal details. This includes your children's names and ages, where you work, your phone number, your address, or your personal e-mail. The service should provide you with one of their e-mail accounts and a chat room.

Be sure to ask for and get a picture of anyone you are considering as a first move, before the first meeting in the chat room or actual date. Looks do matter and can give you a comfortable or uncomfortable feeling. There are times when your intuition should be trusted

For the first few physical dates, always take along your cell phone. Also, be sure that you tell a friend where you will be going, when you expect to return, and the real and dating site screen name of your date. It might sound like it is overkill but safety is the primary consideration. These precautions become even more critical for women.