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John Canemaker and co-producer Peggy Stern accept the Academy Award for THE MOON AND THE SON:
An Imagined Conversation.Watch John and Peggy before and after the Oscar ceremony!

Now Available on DVD for Home Video, Libraries and Educational Institutions
Oscar® and Emmy-Award Winner

“One of the most stunning, original and emotionally moving animated films ever created.
It belongs in every audio-visual library and animation-lover’s collection.”
--- Donald Crafton, University of Notre Dame

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Highlights of John Canemaker's California Book Tour
The Lost Notebook: Herman Schultheis and the Secrets of Walt Disney's Movie Magic

In a busy week in November, John gave three lectures on The Lost Notebook in San Francisco:
a public talk at the Walt Disney Family Museum on Nov. 22, followed by two presentations on Nov. 24 -
first to artists and staff at LucasArts Entertainment, then to animation students at Academy of Art University.

At LucasArts, John had a close encounter with a model of one of the Jurassic Park dinosaurs.

ohn also spent a morning as a guest artist at The Rooftop School, an arts-oriented San Francisco elementary school.
He screened his 1998 film Bridgehampton to a class of enthusiastic third-graders, and drew cartoons with them.
The visit was arranged by the San Francisco Film Society Education Program, which brings filmmakers
into local schools.

n the middle of this activity, John made a quick day trip from San Francisco to Burbank,
where he signed books at the Walt Disney Family Museum booth at the CTN Expo.
A group of former NYU/Tisch students attending CTN stopped by to say hello.

John Canemaker co-hosts Winsor McCay program on Turner Classic Movies, Oct. 6

On Monday, October 6, at 8 pm ET, TCM presented the ten known films of Winsor McCay, with eminent animation historian
and McCay biographer John Canemaker co-hosting the show with Robert Osborne. Among the films screened was
Gertie the Dinosaur, McCay's 1914 masterpiece of early personality animation, celebratng its 100th anniversary.

The Lost Notebook Now Available

John Canemaker's latest book, The Lost Notebook: Herman Schultheis and the Secrets of Walt Disney's Movie Magic
is now available. This behind the scenes look at the special effects wizardry of the Disney studioat the height of

its Golden Age, 1937-1941 is drawn from a series of lavishly illustrated and detailed notebooks composed
by studio effects engineer Herman Schultheis.

Reviews have praised the book:

Animation scholars and fans alike will never look at the classic Disney films in the same way
after reading The Lost Notebook, one of the most unique and informative animation history
books ever published.
-- Amid Amidi, editor, Cartoon Brew

Just when you think there is nothing else to know, nothing left to uncover, Canemaker and
the Disney Family Museum put this major piece of animation/Disney/special effects research
and Hollywood history on the table ...Beautiful to behold, a rare artifact and important reference
material -- what more can I say?
-- Jerry Beck, Cartoon Research

This book should spark a lot of ideas for working artists interested in exploring
pre-digital film technology, and it will offer a wealth of insights for animation history fans.
-- James Gurney, Gurney Journey

An unfailingly graceful writer, Canemaker puts Shultheis' story into perspective, following the ambitious
(possibly overly ambitious) self-promoter through his years of world travel and exploration...I was captivated

by the multiple layers of its story -- and all those fascinating pictures.
-- Leonard Maltin, Leonard Maltin's Movie Crazy

During his brief tenure at Disney, Schultheis created these books for his own use. They were never published and remained hidden
for nearly 50 years until their discovery in the 1990s. They are now part of the permanent collection of the Walt Disney Family Museum
and provide an extraordinary document of the production secrets behind Pinocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo, Bambi and other Disney films.

To order the book on Amazon, click here.

Canemaker Research Materials Donated to MoMA and NYU Fales Collections

John Canemaker has made a major donation of personal artwork and related materials spanning more than 50 years
to the Department of Film of the Museum of Modern Art. The contents include personal journals, scrapbooks and
correspondence; original storyboards and production art from nearly all of his films; and published illustrations,
idea sketches and commercial art projects.

After receiving the donation in March, MoMA associate curator Ronald S. Magliozzi wrote, "We were moved by the magnitude
of this gift." The materials have been re-housed in archival boxes and are available for research and study at the museum.

In 2011,Canemaker deposited for film preservation purposes, negatives and 35mm and 16mm prints of his films at MoMA's
Celeste Bartos Film Preservation Center located in Hamlin, Pennsylvania.

This year Canemaker also made a significant addition to the John Canemaker Animation Collection at the Fales Library
& Special Collections of NYU's Bobst Library. The new material, listed in the collection guide as "Accretions 2012,"consists of
documentary material, audio and video tapes, production information, correspondence and items relating to his recent major projects,
including films, books, periodicals and lectures, including documents, letters, brochures and photos regarding the 78th Annual Academy
Awards (2005) in which Canemaker's film The Moon and The Son won as Best Animated Short.

A complete guide to the John Canemaker Collection can be found here.

The Moon and the Son Featured in New Book on Animated Documentary Films

John Canemaker is one of seven international animators profiled by Judith Kriger in Animated Realism: A Behind-the-Scenes look at the Animated
Documentary Genre
, published by Focal Press. Krieger analyzes the work of Canemaker, Yoni Goodman (Waltzing with Bashhir); Bob Sabiston
(Waking Life); Marie-Josee Saint-Pierre (Passages); Dennis Dupicoff (Chainsaw); Chris Landreth (Ryan), and Paul Fierlinger (My Dog Tulip).

In her introduction, Krieger observes, "Animation is not usually associated with documentary filmmaking, yet the directors profiled in Animated Realism
are exemplars of this hybrid form of expression by telling unforgettable stories using iconic imagery. This book was written because it's important for
directors and students of both the animated and documentary forms to understand how these forms of storytelling can be combined together in uniquely
powerful and imaginative ways."

Krieger's profile of Canemaker is accompanied by many examples of original art and concept sketches from The Moon and The Son:
an Imagined Conversation. Regarding its exclusive use of hand-drawn animation, she comments, "Part of the pleasure in viewing this
film is in seeing the charm in the imperfect splashes of paint and 'boiling' pencil lines used to bring the audience into Canemaker's world
It is as if the contrast between the very real pain conveyed in the script and the hand-drawn, very intuitive techniques chosen to produce
The Moon and the Son: an Imagined Conversation serve to heighten the intensity in Canemaker's story. There is a vigorous connection
between the artist's head and heart; technology never gets in the way."

Golden Books Publishes A Mary Blair Treasury with Foreword by John Canemaker

In 1950, the influential artist and designer Mary Blair added book illustration to her diverse portfolio, with the publication of Baby's House,
by Geolo McHugh, the first of five Golden Books that Blair would illustrate over the next 14 years. All five titles are now being reissued in
A Mary Blair Treasury of Golden Books, with a foreword by John Canemaker.
Blair was the subject of Canemaker's 2003 biography, The Art and Flair of Mary Blair.

In addition to Baby's House, the Mary Blair Treasury includes I Can Fly, The Golden Book of Little Verses, selections from The New Golden Songbook,
and The Up and Down Book. This collection offers a wonderful opportunity for adults to appreciate the scope of Blair's artistic style, and her gift for
storytelling. Her work is suffused with warmth and humanity, immediately drawing readers into the world of her imagination and engaging them
with her fanciful imagery.

Canemaker Animation Featured on MoMA Kid's Website Destination Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art has selected John Canemaker's 1998 animated short, Bridgehampton, as the centerpiece of a learning module about filmmaking at its new interactive learning site for children, Destination Modern Art.

Destination Modern Art is a virtual museum that allows children to explore various works from MoMA's renowned collections of painting, sculpture, design and film. Users can "enter" the works of artists such as Picasso, Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Romare Bearden, sculptor Umberto Boccni and architect Marcel Breuer, as well as access a variety of related learning activities and projects.

At the site's Movie Theater, one can watch the full six-minute film Bridgehampton, as well as select individual scenes and see original storyboard sketches from Canemaker's painterly study of the seasons on eastern Long Island.

Learning activities include a step-by-step example of how animation is done and a downloadable flip book, both of which were designed and animated by Canemaker specifically for the site.

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The Art and Flair of Mary Blair
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